Is It Healthy To Eat Chicken Hearts?

Chicken heart


Strong stews and ragouts

At large feasts, several chickens were slaughtered at the same time, leaving the offal for the days after the feast. The housewife then used them to cook strong stews and ragouts, for which chicken hearts were particularly suitable. Anyone who thinks today that innards are only for dogs and cats is completely wrong. The chicken heart in particular is very rich in vitamins and minerals.

Strengthening the immune system

Chicken hearts are made of special dark muscle meat and, like kidneys or liver, they don't taste like offal. Chicken hearts have a strong taste. This develops mainly because the chickens, whether in free-range or in a stable, are constantly moving. The firm and crumbly meat can be transformed into tasty, hearty dishes with the right ingredients, additions and spices. Chicken hearts are not only suitable for fried with mushrooms and onions or as a ragout with risotto. They can also be very tasty as meat fillings. In a noodle pot or a strong broth, cooked together with small poultry, the stomach and heart of the chicken should not be missing. The latter is still recommended today, just like in great-grandmother's time, for colds to strengthen the immune system. The first meal after surviving a serious illness should be a home-made noodle soup. Bag soups fail here.

Tasty variety

Cats and dogs are definitely not sad that so many people disdain chicken hearts, because it is for them that the best menus are made from chicken hearts, along with other delicious side dishes. The ingredients such as crude protein and crude fat are very important components for the good physical condition of our dear pets. Chicken hearts are healthy for humans and animals alike and are intended for consumption. If offal were not greeted with iiihh and ääähh at the table, there would be a tasty change in the menu in some households.


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