When does a house become a home?

So that the new house also becomes a home. What you should definitely consider when buying real estate.

The new property should not only be an investment, but also a home in which you really feel at home? Then you definitely have to include both when visiting: a very clear head and a lot of feeling.

Because from A for connections to Z for central heating, there are many, many little things to consider. But their gut instinct tells them whether the property also has homeland qualities. The following is a small list for your sightseeing tour - with little things that are unfortunately all too often forgotten.

What type of institution are you?

Some like to surround themselves with lots of pillows, warm colors and old ornate furniture, for others everything has to be light and square. Whether you are the country house type or you prefer a design lover or a classically modern facility, that should also influence your real estate decision.

An angled old building floor plan, stucco and wall paneling - which is perfect for creating a rustic atmosphere with just a few elements, is usually less compatible with clarity and clarity. And everyone who likes it classically modern anyway, better concentrate on new buildings or real estate in the Bauhaus style. Rectangular, spacious, practical. Large windows included. For example.

Does the floor plan fit?

What you spontaneously find beautiful can be very impractical in retrospect. Then z. B. if you really like to invite guests, but the new apartment only has space for either a couch or a long table. That is why it is worthwhile to reflect on your own lifestyle before the first visit: Passionate hosts, e.g. B. usually need a large kitchen and a large dining room. Some prefer an open kitchen. At the moment the trend is towards closed kitchens again. Because, especially if you like to cook a lot, you might prefer to enjoy the living room free of odors. A large, closed kitchen, on the other hand, has the advantage that it can become a living space of its own. As in the past - perhaps with the kitchen sofa in great-grandmother's time. Also perfect for a revival of the popular kitchen party. Do you mainly eat out? Then we advise you to have a small kitchen. A large bathroom might be interesting for this. This can easily be expanded into a small wellness area. Of course, children also play a role. Small children tend to need a large room to run around and play, but in the old age of chilling, reading and gaming, small rooms are sufficient. Most of the time is spent on the bed anyway.

But think twice about two decades into the future: the children have moved out. Is the new home also barrier-free?

Light conditions - morning sun or evening sun?

North, east, south, west - what is the orientation of the apartment? When and how does the light shine into the central rooms. Remember: you can only enjoy the morning sun in the bedroom as an early bird. You don't get much from the evening sun if you work regularly into the evening hours. It is worth considering: When am I actually at home? Weekdays and weekends. Incidentally, a north orientation is still bright and at the same time glare-free with large unobstructed windows. Also important: what about trees in front of the window. A tree then changes the lighting conditions depending on the season. Shade in summer and bright in winter.

Rubbing strips, door fittings, switches, sockets, door frames.

The little stars in a large ensemble. You don't look specifically and yet they spread atmosphere - especially in the group. Ornate, made of brass or plain. Flush processing of rubbing strips and door frames is particularly attractive. It's nice if the corners make an inviting impression. Retrofitting or retrofitting can quickly cause costs to skyrocket.

Light and wiring.

The future is smart. Maybe we want to control our lightbulbs by voice in the future. Or the lamp in the living room should be linked to the doorbell. For this, the cable routes must be suitable. Standard z. B. is a 3-wire cabling. But that's not enough to dim LEDs sensibly. Make sure to use 5-core cabling. Retrofitting can quickly become very expensive.

Baths and water connections.

There are a few guidelines to follow in the bathroom: you don't actually want to see the toilet when you enter. It's good if at least one wall can be drawn in. And then: are you more of the shower or bath type. Do you prefer to shower? Then maybe a much larger shower is recommended - there are also versions for two people. Also important: is there enough light available in the bathroom? Maybe at least daylight can be simulated. There should be at least two light sources (one above the sink) - this is what you should pay attention to.

New apartment, old furniture: does that fit?

The heirloom and your favorite wardrobe - do they fit in the new apartment? Too small, too big, too bulky? And how about the style? The best time to sketch a plan and put the furniture on it. Then you already have an idea where you might need to add something.

By the way:It is also worth considering how do you even get your furniture into your new apartment? Are the stairs and doors wide enough? Or does a facade lift have to be ordered.

Where do the pictures hang?

A family gallery or art - the wall design has an enormous effect on you and your guests. And then there are also many practical things to consider: Decide on a picture rail or simply the classic nail. If you hang art, how are you going to illuminate it then. Are there the appropriate connections. How big is the frame and what does it do with the room. The effect of the frame should not be underestimated. The format changes the spatial effect and a black frame z. B. swallows light.

The entrance area - a warm welcome for you and your guests.

It is said that there is no second chance for a first impression. Often little attention is paid to the entrance area when buying an apartment - undeserved, we think. Do you often have guests? Then we recommend a spacious entrance area. It offers you the opportunity to make the reception situation inviting - with a center piece, for example. A nice table with fresh flowers maybe. Mirrors are important - for a last or first examination and of course the spatial effect. And of course: light, light, light. Glare-free light, crystal chandeliers, different lighting scenarios - there are many options. Also recommended: Take a look at the potential cloakroom space, is it spacious enough? The ideal solution for the cloakroom is a small utility room, in which everything is tidily and securely hidden.

I hope my tips will help you with your plans! If you like my blog, be sure to check back next month.