What is information technology 3

Information technology - technology (apprenticeship - discontinued) - apprenticeship period: 3 1/2 years

Nowadays, larger amounts of data are processed almost exclusively electronically and the term electronic data processing is part of information and telecommunications technology (IT). IT technicians work on electronic data processing devices and systems. These are devices and networks (hardware) as well as operating systems and user programs (software). The hardware also includes peripheral devices such as printers, scanners, fax machines, etc. IT technicians work on the construction of computer systems, the associated interfaces, bus systems, networks and external services for data transmission.

IT technicians create requirements analyzes and concepts taking into account the wishes and needs of their customers. Then they select the individual devices and components (hardware) as well as the associated programs (software), procure and test them. You set up the IT devices at the customers' premises, install them, connect them to the power supply and configure the systems and the associated software such as the operating system and user programs. You carry out training and advice for customers and users.

In the area of ​​service and repair, IT technicians work with special measuring devices to search for, analyze and correct errors and malfunctions. They maintain and repair individual components and parts, replace them, optimize networks and update IT programs. You set up individual and network workstations, supervise them on an ongoing basis and ensure that the systems and software are always up to date. They also manage and save data volumes and create documentation and error logs.