What is the name of allah

The names of Allah


Belief in God is the most important and all-influencing basis of his worldview for the Muslim. Allah, that is not the name of a special god who is only there for Muslims, but Allah is the only rightly worshiped and revered Creator of the universe, who has given these instructions to people since there have been people on this earth. He created men and through his revelation he showed them the best way for them in this world so that they would not be among the losers in the hereafter.

God is absolutely transcendent; nothing is even like Him. God has given every human being the ability to recognize him if he really sincerely searches for him.

Every thinking person finds in nature and in himself many signs that prove the existence of God, and that is why it is said in the revelation of God, the Koran:

And on earth there is for those
who are convinced, signs (from Allah),
and in yourself.
Don't you want to see?

Since God is absolutely transcendent, we are dependent on our own statements about himself, which He gave us through his revelations. Only in this way is it possible for man to grasp him in his dimensions in a meaningful measure with the human mind; man realizes that he only harms himself if he does not succeed in submitting himself completely to Allah. Islam therefore means: complete submission to the will of the One God.

God has many names and attributes, only a few of which he gave us in His Revelation.

The rulership of God


is ...
1. Al-Malik the Ruler and king; no one but him has the quality of absolute dominion, and therefore all men are equal before him. All creatures are his servants, and no one is allowed to serve another.
2. Al-Jalil the majestic one.
3. Al-Karim the honorable one, the Generouswho will reward people with unlimited good on Judgment Day for limited good deeds.
4. Sul-Jalali-wal-Ikram the one to whom majesty and honor are proper.
5. Al-Qudduus the Saints, the Only saintsand all praise belongs to Him alone.
6. As-Salaam he himself is that peace, and he is the Lender of Peace; To submit to Him means to find inner peace, and only the society or community that obeys his ordinances will find real peace. The often mentioned world peace can only be achieved if all people recognize God as such and obey his laws.
7. Al-Moomin the Lender of Securityand gives it to those who acknowledge His rule and obey His laws.
8. Al-Muhaimin the Rulerwho keeps the whole universe under His control. He is the protector and the guardian. Only with Him does man find real protection.
9. Al-Asies the Almighty; all power emanates from him, and without his will nothing and nobody would have power.
10. Al-Jabbaar the Subjugatorwho can submit everything according to His will and who will submit everything on the last day.
11. Al-Mutakabbir the Proudwho can rightly be proud of his work, for His work and He himself are perfect.
12. Al-Aly the Height.
13. Al-Kabir The incomparable Size.
14. Al-Adsiem the Sublime, Nothing is more sublime than He, and to obtain His satisfaction is the ultimate goal of every Muslim.
15. Al-Qawi the Mighty ones.
16. Al-Matin the Strength in help and punishment.
17. Al-Qahhaar the Everything conqueror; no one can oppose His will.
18. Al-Waali the only and absolute rulers. Before him man must give an account of all his actions and omissions.
19. Al-Muta'aal the owner all excellent properties. After comparing it with the Qur'an, the VIB recommends transcription Al-Muta'aali.
20. Al-Muntaqim the righteous reward.
21. Al-Muqsit the impartial judges.
22. Malik-al-Mulk Holder of all riches
23. Al-Ghany the Richwho doesn't need anyone.
24. Al-Hakam the wise judges.
25. Al-Adl the Righteouswho will judge everyone with absolute righteousness.
26. Al-Raqieb the Vigilantnothing escapes.
27. Al-Muhsy the everything Recording.
28. Al-Hasieb that exactly Calculating.
29. Al-Majid the Glorious.
30. Al-Majied the Glorious ones.
31. Al-Quadir to everything Able, the Possessor of all power and authority. All laws proceed from him, and he is the only source of the well-intended system, Islam. All people are subject to his laws, and no one, not even the united humanity, can disregard the laws issued by him without harming body and soul.
32. Al-Muqtadir (see above).

Allah the Creator


is ...
33. Al-Chaliq the Creatorthat of everything we see and what we do not see by the simple formula be created.
34. Al-Bary the Creatorwho created everything from nothing.
35. Al-Musawwir the Creatorwho gives every thing its shape and form.
36. Al-Vajid the Formerwho gave all things their being.
37. Al-Mubdi the Originator everything created out of nothing.
38. Al-Mu'ied who will bring everything back to life.
39. Al-Muhjie the Life giving.
40. Al-Mumiet the one in whose hand death is.
41. Al-Ba'ith who will bring people back to life on Judgment Day.
42. Al-Hafieth the Sustainerwho receives the deeds of his servants until judgment day. He is the protectorwithout which there is no protection and from which no one can protect.
43. Al-Ghaffar the great Pardonwho immediately forgives the one who has sinned and then turns back to God if his repentance is genuine.
44. Al-Ghafur the always forgiving.
45. Ash Shakur the Gratefulwho gives his servant great rewards for even the smallest deed.
46. Al-Tawwab the one who accepts the repentance of his servants.
47. Ar-Ra'uf the Gracious.
48. Al-Afu the Forgiver of sins.
49. Al-Latief who grasps the finest in all dimensions, who Sensitive, the Kind.
50. Al-Haliem the Indulgent for all those who sin in their weakness, but then turn to God again.
51. Al-Mudshaw the Listener of prayers.
52. Al-Wahhab the Lender and giverwho distributes his gifts to people so that they may use them according to the laws of God for the benefit of mankind.
53. Ar-Rassaq the Supplierwho not only created things, but also maintains them. He provides in His goodness both those who believe in him and those who do not believe in him.
54. Al-Muqiet the all Nourishing.
55. Al-Mun'im the Favor-lender.
56. Al-Wasi the one with his charity and knowledge of everything Comprehensive.
57. Al-Barr the Charitable.
58. Al-Qabid who withholds the gifts at His discretion.
59. Al-bassit but who also grants these gifts sufficiently and generously.

Allah has the most excellent qualities


is ...
60. Al-Fattah the opener the doors to knowledge and success in this and the next world.
61. Al-Aliem the OmniscientWho does not miss the smallest act, even the slightest word, or even the most fleeting thought.
62. Al-Hakiem the All-wiseWhose decision is always for the best of His servants, even if they often do not understand it.
63. Al-Khabier the Knowledgeablewho knows about the smallest calculations of the heart.
64. Ash-Shahied the witnesswho is never absent.
65. Al-Haq the Truthfulwho represents the truth, the absolute truth.
66. Al-Wakiel the Trustworthythat you can trust and rely on in every situation.
67. Al-Wadud the Loving oneswho embraces everything with his love.
68. Al-Wali the Patron everyone who needs his protection and guidance.
69. Al-Hamied the Award-worthyAll thanks go to.
70. Al-Haiy the one from himself Living.
71. Al-Qayum the one without whose help nothing can exist, but for his existence he does not need anything.
72. Al-Awal the First without beginning.
73. Al-Aachir the Latest without end.
74. Al-Saahir the Revealwhose existence is clearly indicated by all that has been created.
75. Al-Baatin the Hiddenthat no one can really grasp because it is absolutely different from anything we can imagine.
76. Al-Chaafid the Humiliator the haughty and unjustly proud.
77. Ar-Raafie the Listener of the humble and humble.
78. Al-Muis the Bestowal of honor, because real honor does not come from money or anything else, only God can give real honor to a person.
79. Al-Musill the Humble the oppressor of those around them and of those who presume to want to be more than just servants of God.
80. Al-Muqaddim the Highlighterswho helps someone to have a better standard of living according to His will. It is he who provides humanity with every means of real progress.
81. Al-Mu'achir who can postpone when he wants and push back whoever he wants.
82. Al-Jaami who will gather all people on Judgment Day.
83. Al-Mughni the lender of riches.
84. Ad-daar without whose permission nothing can happen to anyone.
85. An-Naafi the benefactorwho gives mankind all the benefits of this world.
86. On-only the lightwithout whose enlightenment man would be misled and mankind would sink into darkness.
87. Al-Hadi the leader to the right path, without whose guidance humanity would extinguish itself.
88. Ar-Raschied (see above).
89. Al-Badi the Creator of all things in their most beautiful form.
90. Al-Baaqi the forever Permanent ones.
91. Al-Waarith the only heirbecause apart from him nothing is permanent.
92. As-Sabur the Patient oneswho in spite of the eternal disobedience of the people offers them His guidance again and again and provides them with mercy.

No god but Allah


is ...
93. Al-Waahid the Awho has no one next to him.
94. Al-Ahad the Only onethat nobody resembles.
95. Al-Fard the Separate.
96. As-samad that of everything and everyone Independent.
97. Ar-Rahman that of all of His creation Gracious.
98. Ar-Rahiem of His servants Show mercy.
99. Allah the only one rightly Adored and Dear.

So God is not that long-bearded father figure who sits smiling on a large throne, nor is He a God-only Creator who then no longer intervenes in creation according to the clockmaker principle; also He is not only love, but He is just as He has described himself and, although absolutely transcendent, stands with His properties in the center of creation and in the center of the life of every human being. Each of His properties has a direct influence at all times on the life of each individual and each community, yes, each creature.

So he is the creator and sustainer of the entire universe; the only one worthy of adoration, and He is the absolute Ruler, according to whose laws every creature and every community must be guided.

Nobody is like Him, and He is the All Hearer, the All Knower

in the series Know Islam published as sheet no. 2 in the 3rd revised edition in June 1994.

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