Met BTS or Jimin Oli London

A dedicated fan spent a fortune looking like their idol

The Briton spent £ 149,000 (over 14 million rubles) looking like Jimin from Korean boy band BTS. The fan admits that he cannot live without his idol and a day. That's why he made an idol figure out of cardboard that he takes everywhere, even to bed.

There is a South Korean boy band called BTS. It has 7 members: RM, Chin, Suugi, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jongguk. This whole group of men with an "angelic" appearance has captured the hearts of teenage girls all over the world. And as it turned out, not just girls.

30-year-old Briton Oli London spent a fortune trying to become like his idol Jimin. To transform himself into a cute Korean, the man put out £ 149,000 (about 14 million rubles). Let's see what the plastic surgeons did in the end.

Over the course of seven years, Oli London corrected his nose five times, reshaped the eyelids and underwent many other cosmetic procedures. The plastic surgeries he underwent last year cost him a fortune - £ 24,000 (2.3 million rubles).

London does not plan to be satisfied with what has already been achieved and is preparing for new operations and procedures. Among other things, he planned liposuction of the thighs and abdomen, lip augmentation with permanent implants and a new eyelid operation.

And all of these efforts started with the fact that in 2013, when he was living in South Korea, he attended a BTS concert. It was then that the Briton realized what to do.

“I want my whole life to be about K-pop. I want to look like Jimin because he's perfect for me. The shape of his jaw, his lips, his voice, everything, ”said Oli.

According to London, he suffered from anorexia for a long time and was only able to defeat it a few years ago.
“I feel a lot safer and happier with myself,” he says. "I've learned to less challenge myself and instead concentrate on the things that I enjoy."

The Briton also has a cardboard cutout of a Korean singer that he literally carries with him everywhere: for interviews, traveling and business meetings.

In early 2020, a dedicated fan in Los Angeles even married a cardboard copy of his idol. All of this took place during a very strange and colorful ceremony in Las Vegas that was broadcast on American television. The solemn ceremony ended with Oli signing his “marriage contract”.

The non-standard couple are not afraid to share their love life on social media. The fanatical Briton “let” internet users into his bed. The guy posted a photo of him and his favorite idol sunbathing in bed, kissing and sucking lollipops.

At the same time, Oli London is quite straight, if eccentric. The Daily Mail reported that the man is in a relationship with 44-year-old TV star Franchy Morgan and they live together in London.

Like Oli, she is an avid surgeon and hopes to look like an anime doll. Together, they spent around $ 322,500 on their operations.

After Olya's wedding to the Jimin character, Franchi said:

"I was jealous when Oli married the cardboard cutout, but now we're sharing it and I'll even go to Korea to realize my own dream of looking like a living doll."

What brought them together for the first time shared that they shared a love of plastic surgery and Jimin.


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