Is the fight against climate change pointless

Climate crisis: When Brazil's rainforest falls

May 11, 2021 - In the fight against climate change and global warming, the tropical rainforests are a crucial component because they bind a lot of CO2. They are also intact habitats for a variety of plants and animals and for the indigenous population who live there in harmony with nature. A unique ecosystem that is now increasingly endangered or systematically destroyed. Because under Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro, people, animals and the jungle continue to be upset - the destruction through slash and burn and logging is progressing continuously, resistance seems pointless - because it is being fought with violence.

According to one in the magazine Nature Climate Change published study, the rainforest in the Brazilian Amazon has now toppled. Scientists have long warned against this - the consequences for our global climate would be fatal. According to the scientists, almost 20 percent more CO₂ has entered the atmosphere in the last ten years than could be absorbed by the “green lungs of the planet”. In figures: The Amazon basin absorbed around 13.9 billion tons of CO₂ during this period, but emitted 16.6 billion tons. According to the study, the tipping point has been reached.

The entire global CO2Emissions were over 40 billion tons in 2019. Forests, plants, intact soils and seas have absorbed around half of this in the last five decades. When more and more ecosystems get out of balance, this triggers unpredictable chain reactions that fuel climate change. In view of the destruction of the rainforest, the scientists warn that it is unclear at what point this dramatic change could become irreversible.

And they criticize the policies of Brazil's President Bolsonaro, his unbridled action against climate and environmental protection as well as human rights and any agreements regarding global climate goals. Since he took office at the beginning of 2019, the extent of rainforest destruction has increased by around four times compared to previous years and reached the sad record of around 3.9 million hectares of destroyed forest area, as Inra reports. Bolsonaro rigorously cut spending on environmental and climate protection and makes no secret of it - in contrast, he still boasts about it.

The heads of two indigenous peoples therefore filed a lawsuit against Brazil's head of state at the International Criminal Court in The Hague in January of this year. He is accused of serious human rights violations and the destruction of the Amazon rainforest. With the current scientific study, the lawsuit should gain momentum. It is a global issue that affects and threatens everyone. The world community can no longer stand by and support this kind of destruction policy through the back door. n / A