Why is everyone ignoring my messages

Why is he ignoring me? 7 reasons why he doesn't write back

"Why is he ignoring me?"

Has the man you're dating suddenly stopped replying to your messages? Or is the time between the news getting longer and longer?

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There is hardly anything more painful than being ignored. It is especially hurtful when you are ignored by someone you are with. In fact, it can lead to an intense physical reaction.

If you are ignored, you may experience chest pain or trouble sleeping. This damages our self-esteem and puts us in one place unnatural state of eternal insecurity. People are not meant to be used for this type of insecurity and that can trigger the same type of panic response we would experience if we were threatened.

But why should anyone you date ignore you at all? There can be many reasons why he's giving you the cold shoulder. If you're wondering why this is happening, these facts might help you shed some light on the dark:

1. He's playing games

If you are in the early stages of dating and he is ignoring you, then it could be that he is just fooling you that he is difficult to conquer. For him, everything revolves around power.

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He wants you to experience that insecure, panicked response so that you become more open when he really answers you. When this happens, you will feel a relief that could influence your decisions, and because of this, you will think that you are investing more in the relationship than you are really doing.

If this sounds familiar to you, remember that manipulative behavior is not acceptable in any phase of a relationship is. If someone really likes you, they won't play games with you either. Because why would someone who likes you want you to feel insecure? You shouldn't let a guy into your life who makes you feel like this.

2. He punishes you

If someone is deliberately ignoring you in order to punish you, it is because they want you to feel the pain the insecurity is causing. He can be motivated by revenge because he feels like you are ignoring him, so he does the same.

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If you are arguing with your partner, he or she may ignore you until the situation has settled down, especially if he is feeling uncomfortable or feels that the argument is not going to do any good. Still, it's incredibly frustrating to be ignored when you're angry and that's not a healthy way of solving a problem.

The best relationships are based on communication. If your partner is unwilling to work with you to solve the problem and prefers to ignore you, then you should reconsider whether they are mature enough to be in a relationship with you.

3. He's busy

It might sound like an excuse, but if he ignores you, he might just be busy. Think about it a little bit. Do you text him while he's at work? Do you know he goes to the gym right after work and won't be able to answer your call? Nobody should be available all the time.

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It is practically impossible to concentrate on the essentials when you have your cell phone to your ear at the same time. If this is causing problems in your relationship, set boundaries early on. If your partner spends a lot of time at work, tell them that it would be good if they responded to your message within 24 hours. That way, you can better judge if he's intentionally ignoring you or if unexpected problems got in his way.

4. He needs some space

Even the most intimate couples sometimes need space. He may not be used to texting you all the time, or he may have a stressful day that he would rather be alone. How much freedom someone needs in a relationship depends on the person. It can even vary based on what else is going on in their life.

Try to find out which one Kind of man you go out Is he an introvert who needs a lot of time to recharge his batteries? Or an extrovert who is rarely alone? Once you've clarified that, you'll be able to better judge whether he's really ignoring you or just needs some space.

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5. He is not alone

Lots of people don't like using their cell phone too often, but if the man you are going out with is with his friends or family, he may not be able to reply to your message. If he's someone who refuses to use his phone in company, that's an admirable quality.

This means he will likely give you his full attention. However, if you find that he always takes calls and replies to messages when you're together, but refuses to answer you when he's with his friends, then he may be ignoring you on purpose.

6. He's trying to break up with you

Many people prefer to end a face-to-face relationship, but the reality is that some of them would rather get out of a relationship than end it properly. If you feel him pull back and find excuses not to see you, then he's using ignoring as a breakup method.

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He hopes that over time you will get bored of being ignored and that you will end the relationship yourself. Or he's just waiting for you to stop trying and the relationship to go down without any argument.

This is one of the worst ways to break up with someone, but at least one can take comfort in the fact that you are free to find someone who would never ignore you.

7. He just doesn't like you

The truth is, if a man likes you, he'll tell you too. It can be very difficult to accept the opposite. We often think that someone is ignoring us because they're just busy or inherently bad at the news. But do you really want to be with someone who always puts contact with you last?

Everyone has bad days, but at the beginning of a relationship there is no reason why they should ignore you. And when he does, he's either still playing games and not ready for a long-term relationship, or he just doesn't like you.

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