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True democracies are the absolute exception worldwide. The Economist Intelligence Unit comes to this sobering result in its “Democracy Index 2018”. The analysts of the advisory service, which belongs to the British Economist Group, have examined the state of democracy for the eleventh time. To this end, 165 independent states and two territories were rated based on these five criteria:

  • Elections and pluralism
  • civil liberties
  • functioning government
  • political participation
  • political culture

Only 20 countries were classified as full democracies. This corresponded to a share of twelve percent of the countries examined. Every third country (55 countries in total) fell into the category of “democracies with flaws”. According to the analysts, 39 countries are hybrids and 53 are authoritarian regimes. Last place went to North Korea. Cynically, the regime was only able to collect some points in the functioning of the government and political engagement.

According to the ranking, these are currently the most exemplary democracies in the world.

# 10 Switzerland

Europe is a fortress of true democracy. Seven of the ten most exemplary democracies in the world are in Europe, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit. Switzerland is the first. With an overall grade of 9.03 out of a possible 10 points. With one exception, it was enough for values ​​above nine points in all categories. Only when it came to the level of political participation did Switzerland achieve a comparatively meager 7.78 points.

# 9 Australia

Australia achieved top marks in two categories. In terms of civil liberties, elections and pluralism, the country made the perfect ten. The Economist analysts, on the other hand, again see room for improvement in terms of political participation. Overall, Australia got a grade of 9.09.

# 8 Finland

With an average of 9.14, Finland secured eighth place in the ranking. The best value (ten) was given for the electoral system. Political participation got the worst grade (8.33).

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# 6 Ireland & Canada

Ireland and Canada share sixth place in the “Democracy Index 2018”. Both countries have an overall grade of 9.15. Ireland received top ratings from analysts for its political culture and civil liberties. The latter are also unrestricted in Canada. The North American country also scored with good government work. In the photo, Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (left) jokes with his Irish counterpart Leo Varadkar

# 5 Denmark

Denmark was only able to achieve full points in the ranking for the electoral system. On the other hand, our neighboring country did not allow itself a real weakness in any category. Political participation had the lowest value (8.33). On average, it was 9.22 points, making it fifth among the most exemplary democracies in the world.

# 4 New Zealand

According to the Economist analysis, New Zealand is a model of pluralism and civil liberties around the world. Only the small slack in political culture (8.13) reduced the overall grade (9.26) somewhat and thus prevented the place on the podium. Pictured: the New Zealand Parliament building