Are Asians smarter 1

Brian Taylor, clients aren't going out anytime soon. Taylor runs Ivy Coach, a Manhattan-based consulting firm that helps high school leavers apply to America's elite universities. In the USA, applying to a university is a time-consuming and complicated process - it is therefore quite common to seek advice from professionals. Taylor specializes in students of Asian descent, more specifically, "making them look less Asian," as he puts it.

Playing badminton, violin or piano is typically Asian and therefore bad. Basketball or guitar sound a lot better on your résumé. The father saved himself once, in the seventies, with the boat people and two dollars in his pocket from Vietnam to the USA and has now made it to something? Impressive biography, yes; but it could also reduce the chance of Yale and Harvard. So better cover up.

Asian students make more of their opportunities

Immigrants from the Asian cultural area are stuck in a paradox: They are highly successful high school and college graduates, 49 percent have a bachelor's degree, compared to 28 percent in the general population. They make up just five percent of the US population, but for example a third of the participants in national math and physics competitions. But all of these academic successes do not pave the way for them to the Ivy League, to the best universities.

Places of the elite

Harvard, Princeton, Yale - these are probably the best-known names among the eight elite universities in North America that also call themselves the "Ivy League". The institutions are highly listed in rankings and stand for academic excellence and tradition. The name Ivy, in German ivy, probably refers to the relatively old university buildings, on the facades of which ivy often grew. The eight universities have strict and demanding admission requirements and only accept a fraction of the applicants. In addition to outstanding grades, special texts and convincing letters of application also count. SZ

On the contrary: The "Asian-Americans" have to overcome special hurdles when it comes to university entrance. In the admission test for Harvard, for example, they need 140 result points more than white students and even 450 more than black students. And even excellent test results don't open the lecture hall doors there. Why are they that good at school anyway?

Asian parents teach their offspring hard work and discipline at an early age. They value education even if they have never attended college. This is shown by studies such as "The Asian American Achievement Paradox". Asian children are not smarter or more talented - intelligence is evenly distributed across nationalities and social classes - but they make more of their opportunities, they do more research, and do their homework well into the evening.