How stressful is a career in marketing

Professions after graduation in marketing

What does everyday working life look like after studying marketing and related courses? We researched and spoke to marketing professionals about their jobs.

This is what my everyday working life looks like

There is nothing better than satisfied customers or an enthusiastic partner

Since my bachelor thesis, I have been gaining extensive and varied experience in the field of marketing - especially online marketing - and was able to oversee the areas of email marketing, social media, customer reviews, campaign management and content management. I am currently working for a medium-sized company in the Lower Rhine region, where I am responsible for all social media and direct marketing activities (online and offline). In the future I will also be responsible for the conception and implementation of target group-specific newsletters and the printing of brochures, inserts and catalogs.

Every employer has exciting projects that can be accompanied. But of course there are also negative sides, because it can be quite stressful when projects are about to be submitted. Then it goes without saying that the end of the working day is postponed until late in the evening. But that's exactly what can be a lot of fun when the teamwork works and there is praise for a good project. There is nothing better than satisfied customers or an enthusiastic partner.

My job is for you if you ...

Are flexible, creative, modern and determined. Marketing is so diverse that it is exciting and interesting every day. In the online world in particular, so many things change every day that every day is a new challenge.

I advise you if you want to pursue my career path:

practical experience is extremely important

During my studies I already had the opportunity to do internships. I advise everyone to do that. This practical experience is extremely important because this is the only way you can find out which area of ​​marketing could be of interest to you. But it is even more important to see which area does not suit you at all. Nobody takes this experience away from you and you only get it with you if you get to know everyday life.

There are other jobs available for marketing graduates as well. Typical professional fields of my fellow students are e.g. ...

My fellow students are spread all over the world. Many companies from a wide variety of industries do marketing. But agencies also represent potential employers. Whether as a person directly responsible in marketing, or as an account manager, self-employed person or also as a consultant - there are many options.

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