Is Com Mirza a fraud

"Is that bold": FIFA professional exposes cheaters in the live stream

Not a single one of the maximum 30 games in the Weekend League should be lost if you want to secure the best rewards. But that's not that easy, even if things look different with the exceptional talent Anders "RBLZ Anders" Vejrgang with his 450-0 record.

After all, the FIFA 21 online servers are regularly plagued by connection problems. But it gets worse: A new exploit apparently makes it possible to control the opponent's team.

Mirza Jahic analyzes FUT cheaters

FIFA esporter Mirza Jahic was actually busy with his Weekend League himself when the viewers of his livestream made him aware of the alleged cheater. With the player named "Aiman1412", who finished the last Weekend League in 45th place, something seemed to be wrong. He secured the full 30 victories, nothing special in and of itself. But Mirza looked at a few games thanks to the replay function and made a surprising discovery: The said player had 100 percent possession in almost all matches, did not concede a single goal, and every game was abandoned within a few minutes.

The analysis of Mirza and his community makes it clear: something is wrong here, it is a cheater. Apparently it is possible through an exploit (the systematic exploitation of a bug in the game) to control the opponent's team with the help of a second controller, while the actual player has no control over his actors.

In the corresponding video you can see how "Aiman1412" activates the offside trap on his opponents in order to get free in front of the goal. There are no specific details about the exploit yet, EA Sports has not commented on the incidents.

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