How much money do quantum physicists make

Physics salary.

Starting salary with training.

The training to become a physics laboratory technician normally lasts three and a half years; a clear advantage over the five-year physics degree (Bachelor and Master). Another advantage is of course the training salary:

  1. Year of training: approx. 1,000 euros
  2. Year of training: approx. 1,050 euros
  3. Year of training: approx. 1,150 euros
  4. Year of training: approx. 1,200 euros

(* Depending on the region, there may be slight deviations here)

The starting salary as a physics laboratory technician is around 2,600 euros per month. The main influencing factors here are the industry, the region, the size of the employer, the collective bargaining agreement, the services provided in the training and of course the negotiating skills in salary negotiations.

There are some rules of thumb for this:

  • The salaries are higher when the company is subject to a collective agreement.
  • In the old federal states the pay is better than in the new federal states.
  • The better the grades, the better the negotiating position in the salary negotiation.

In the course of time, the wages as a physics laboratory assistant increase if you gain experience, continue to educate yourself, perform well and take responsibility. After five years of work, the average salary increases to around 2,700 euros per month. In a managerial position, long-term earnings of 3,000 euros and more are possible in this profession.

For comparison: the average salary as a biological-technical assistant is slightly below the pay as a physics laboratory assistant, and the salary as a chemical laboratory assistant is roughly the same.