What is the software development service

Software Development Services

Special software development services
With its experienced and competent team, SDM offers applications for special projects on various platforms that are tailored to the needs of companies. It also provides advice, support, training, integration, hosting, and application maintenance services. While business solutions are generated that meet the operational requirements for the areas of implicit capital transfer management, transfer price management, B2B systems, data acquisition, consolidation and central reporting, managers are supported in decision-making processes with prepared reporting systems.

Advantages of SDM project application and custom software development service!

  • Implementation of solutions and projects in line with the strategic goals of companies.
  • Improvement-oriented in the general analysis and design of business processes
  • Complete end-to-end solutions in line with the corporate architecture of companies
  • Effective and successful project management according to international standards
  • Specialized product support and training opportunities
  • Activities for quality service during the project

Privatization and integration
In today's highly competitive environment, the need for customization and integration with software may arise to support specific forms of business that place emphasis on businesses.

The customization and integration service is provided by teams of experts in order to fulfill the company-specific processes for SDM project solutions.

Developments to integrate third-party software used by companies in logo solutions are part of this service.