Which is better Xbox One or PS4

PS4 or Xbox One?

Which is Better - PS4 or Xbox One? The new consoles are more and more popular, the developers are increasingly concentrating on them, so that the predecessors will probably no longer play a major role in a few years' time.

That's why we're taking a closer look, because the decision is by no means easy. The PS4 is a much bigger seller, but the Xbox One should still not be written off. With every update, the Microsoft console becomes better and more customer-friendly - since the release, for example, features such as the 3D BluRay function, DLNA support and support for external hard drives have been added.

Xbox 360 was a bit slimmer than the previous model of the Xbox One, but had overheating problems in some places

Of course, the PS4 looks more stylish, it has a modern and sleek design. The Xbox One, on the other hand, is much clunkier, it has ventilation slots and active fans everywhere - even in the power supply unit and the Kinect unit. Therefore, these parts are a bit too oversized. No wonder, because Microsoft definitely wants to avoid the overheating problems of the old Xbox 360. Therefore, when setting up, you should also make sure not to cover the existing ventilation openings.

The good news is that the Xbox One remains pleasantly quiet during operation despite all the ventilation, so watching movies is not affected by background noise.

In order to be able to use the online functions of the two consoles, there is no avoiding paid premium memberships. The PS4 is a bit cheaper here - the Playstation Plus membership costs € 50 a year, while the Xbox Live Gold membership costs € 60. Whether this is worthwhile depends, of course, on what you expect from your console. But I find such features as free games every month, discounts in the stores and multiplayer mode very practical.


Which console is technically better - PS4 or Xbox One?

On paper, the PS4 has a slight advantage in terms of technical data - the processor performance and the graphics performance, as well as the resolution, are slightly better than the Xbox One. However, there will probably be no games for a few more years that would make these technical differences noticeable. Therefore, one should not overestimate the technical details.

The Kinect sensor does an excellent job, but the number of applications adapted to it is still very low

In terms of cameras, the Xbox One is clearly ahead: The Kinect 2.0 is significantly better than the Playstation Eye. However, there are currently no games that take full advantage of Kinect - excellent voice and motion recognition, even heartbeat measurement. What remains is the menu navigation, which the PS4 camera can do at least as well.

What I also find very practical is the possibility of using the PS Vita as a control element and second screen on the PS4. Certainly nothing more than a nice gimmick for hardcore gamers, but at least possible.


Which console has the better games - PS4 or Xbox One?

Bloodborne is a PS4 exclusive, but is it really that good?

One of the most important purchase criteria for me is the question of whether you can play older games on the game console. Unfortunately, this is not possible with PS4 or Xbox One. The good news is that Sony sat down with a cloud provider to check whether the PS3 games could at least be played via streaming. As is well known, hope dies last.

Both game consoles have some nice exclusive titles - games that only run on the respective console. For me, however, there are no hits on which the purchase decision could depend. If you are not fixated on these titles, you have a very wide selection of multiplatform games.


Which console is cheaper - PS4 or Xbox One?

When it was released, the Xbox One was significantly more expensive than the PS4 - € 499 vs. € 399. The main difference was the expensive Kinect camera in the Microsoft console. You can now buy the Xbox One without the Kinect (whether the Kinect is finally off the table?), So that both consoles are now priced at 399 € lie.

This is a fair price, and bundles (console + games) games are always cut out, which are a bit more attractive in terms of price. Not to forget that, of course Amazon warehouse deals (Returns), where you can dust off the consoles in mint condition, sometimes noticeably cheaper.


Which is Better - PS4 or Xbox One?

The PS4 is making the running so far, at least in terms of sales. How will it go on?

The decision is really not easy - as the Kinect surcharge has been eliminated, both consoles are priced at the same level. Nor do they take anything technically, and both represent a sensible investment in the future of computer games.

So far, gamers have mostly preferred the Playstation 4. Whether it will stay that way is by no means certain, because the Xbox One has caught up a lot with the updates and release of attractive exclusive games.

And what do you think? Which game console is better for you?

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