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Export as an Adobe PDF file

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a universal file format used to transfer files between applications and platforms while preserving the fonts, images, and layout of documents. Adobe PDF is the standard format for documents and forms that should be securely forwarded in electronic format. Adobe PDF files are compact, contain all of the elements, and can be viewed and printed by anyone with free Adobe ReaderĀ® software.

Adobe PDF can be used most effectively in the workflow when collaborating with printing companies. Saving an unseparated image file in Adobe PDF format creates a compact, reliable file that a print service provider can view, edit, manage, and use for a proof copy. The print service provider can then either output the Adobe PDF file directly or use various tools for tasks such as: B. Prepare pre-printing checks, trapping, format setup and color separation.

When you save in Adobe PDF format, you can create a PDF / X compatible file. PDF / X (Portable Document Format Exchange) is a sub-form of Adobe PDF. The format eliminates many color, font, and trapping variables that cause printing problems. PDF / X can be used when exchanging PDF files as digital templates for print production. This can be done at the creation or output stage of the workflow, provided the applications and output devices support PDF / X.

Using Adobe PDF files helps solve the following electronic document-related problems: