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8 well-paid jobs for career changers

Tired of your job and want to turn your life around and just do something completely new? Many industries allow quick and easy lateral entry, but wages are usually rather low. However, there are well-paid jobs that allow entry through internships or shortened (second) training. In the following, I will introduce you to 8 well-paying jobs for career changers.

Social media manager

There is no specific training to complete for social media managers and similar positions in online marketing (e.g. online marketing manager). There are seminars and further training courses, but the easiest way to get started is through an internship or internship. For this job you should be creative and interested in text writing. Depending on the situation, you should also be able to think analytically, since as a social media manager you often have to evaluate data.

Online marketing wages (which includes the social media manager) range from 59,150-115,000 CHF for simple employees, depending on age. Wages for positions with more responsibility can be found here: onlinemarketing-stellen.ch


Swiss universities offer apprenticeships for career changers. These are accessible to professionally experienced people with but also without a high school diploma. If you are interested in a lateral entry as a teacher, you can find out more here: quereinsteiger-stellen.ch

You can find an overview of the salaries of teachers in Switzerland here: watson.ch.

Operations Manager

Anyone who likes to organize and ensure that operational processes run smoothly can join as an Operations Manager. An operations manager is the interface between the operational processes and the corresponding resources and satisfied customers.

Average annual salary for an Operations Manager in Switzerland: 96,067 CHF.

Product Manager

A product manager assumes technical responsibility for a product or a range of products. An extra-occupational CAS (i.e. postgraduate training) of six months can be used to train as a product manager. The KV Business School Zurich, for example, offers a 7-month certificate course.

The median annual wage of a product manager is approx. 101,691 CHF.


Consulting firms are very open to lateral entrants, as you can acquire the necessary knowledge for a project very well and quickly. If you are interested in a position as a consultant, you shouldn't have a problem with a lot of customer contact and you should be able to appear confident.

Average annual salary of a junior consultant in Switzerland: 78,000 CHF.

Real estate manager

Since the profession of real estate manager is not protected in Switzerland, it is ideal for career changers. But you can get the federal certificate in real estate management, which takes a little longer than a year.

Median annual wage one Property manager in Switzerland: 84,000 CHF.

Insurance advisor

The insurance industry offers good opportunities for lateral entry. For example, some insurance companies offer short, part-time training courses lasting one year. You can find more information on training in the insurance industry here.

Wages for sales representatives go from 4,998 to 7,167 CHF, depending on age.

Policeman / Policewoman

In order to begin the two-year police officer training course, applicants must first go through a selection process. The trainee police officers already receive their full wages during their training. The wages vary according to age.

Training wages:

  • Figures from the City of Zurich: in the 1st year between 5,525-6,048 CHF and in the 2nd year between 5,631-6,153 CHF. After the training, the wage is between CHF 6,363-6,767 per month. After the training, the wage is between CHF 6,362-6,767 per month.
  • Figures for the canton of Bern: in the 1st year between 4,428.35-5,394.90 CHF, in the 2nd year between CHF 5,118.00-6,925.15 and after the training between CHF 5,487.35-7,162.60 per month.

tip: Relationships with the right people can help you get started. Try to find someone who can do the job you want and learn what it takes. And who knows, maybe this contact can even help you get a job?

Have we forgotten a career change job? Let us know in the comments column which other professions, in your experience, are particularly suitable for career changers.

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