People should live together before they get married

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Lajos Kossuth University Training School, Debrecen
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A conscious decision: to get married or to live together without a marriage license?

So getting married or living together without a marriage license? This is always a hot and current topic. Nowadays, more and more people are choosing to live together without a marriage license. But what are the reasons?

A relationship doesn't necessarily get better through marriage, the opposite often happens, marriage makes the relationship worse, because you feel safe, you don't take care of your partner as intensely and full of life as you did before the marriage - this stereotype lives in most people. When I love someone, I stand by them in good and bad times even without a marriage license.

But let's see the other side:
Many want to feel safe. You get married in a moment of perfect happiness when you think that it will stay that way forever.
And I think it means more to say my man than my boyfriend. So the partners are publicly committed to each other.
We are also talking about marriage! In my opinion, every woman dreams of a beautiful wedding because it is simply romantic with all the trimmings.

Marry? Yes, because I love him, because you want to live really tight with him, because I want to show the whole world that he / she belongs to you, because being married offers more security, because married people's children are not teased and it is there are a thousand more reasons.
Wedding customs

In love, engaged, married - and then hopefully not divorced at some point. Every culture has its own traditions. Let's see what is typical in Germany and Hungary.

First: The bride wears a white dress and a veil - this color symbolizes purity, perfection, joy and festivity. In connection with the veil, the search for protection and security is expressed.
The hen party takes place the day before the wedding. The guests bring porcelain, which they smash before entering the house. It is the Paree's job to sweep up the pieces together. This shows that the two should master everything together in the future.
Bride and groom cut the wedding cake together. Whoever has his hand on top when cutting together should be the master of the house forever.

The bride is carried over the threshold by the Brätigam - the usual place of the evil spirits who want to disturb the married life of the newlyweds is, according to this custom, under the threshold of the wedding house.

The newlyweds are pelted with grains of rice as they leave the church. Everyone knows this picture from Hollywood films. Then the bride throws her bridal bouquet into the crowd of unmarried women in the wedding party. The woman who catches the bouquet becomes the next bride.

The most common reasons for divorce

Statistics show that there are more and more divorces and fewer and fewer marriages. When the relationship becomes monotonous, when the partners get less attention from each other. Unfortunately, it is also typical to make an affair. I think men are more unfaithful than women. Yes, I know people change and love goes away, but it's not a reason to fling. In many relationships there are other problems, for example arguments about money or household chores.
So there are problems in every relationship, but I think we can find the solution together.