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How to choose a grinder for the home - an assortment of domestic manufacturers. The speed of rotation of the disk on the grinder. Protection against "wedge disk"

As a rule, the home master has other tools: hand and electric, cheap and expensive. Without screwdrivers, hammers, the passage in the farm is difficult to do. Many have an electric drill or perforator. Some have welding, forging, turning, and drilling machines. All of this can be free to buy in specialized stores. In recent years an angle grinder, longer known as USHM or Bulgaria, has become particularly popular in recent years.

Winkel sander Very useful in a home man's household.

Angle This machine is referred to as the type of gear used in this unit. Corner reducer. It has a rich past. With its help, the millstones circled the windmill. There is a lot of vintage equipment in various museums that can be considered the forerunners of the USM. They differ from modern devices only with a drive, which can be mechanical, gasoline, pneumatic, and even steam.

Corner sanding - what is this tool and what is it used for?

Bulgarian can cut and grind various materials: wood, stone, metal.

The work of this tool is based on the rotation of the spindle, on which the nozzles in the form of special discs and brushes can be fixed. The mechanism is rotated because of electrical energy. The source can be either a standard outlet or an accumulator battery. The machine is specially designed for grinding work. However, over the years their device has been improved, the opportunity to change the working nozzles. So far the grinding machines have been using:

  1. For processing concrete, brick, metal and other building materials.
  2. For grinding and polishing various surfaces.
  3. For cutting metal, stone and other building materials.
  4. To clean the structures and individual parts.

The angle grinder handles these functions successfully. All that is required is to properly select a toggle tool tool, focusing on the performance of the device. The performance of the devices is different. There are tools that are intended for use at home, there are machines for larger jobs. Home appliances have less power, less cost compared to production models.

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How To Choose A Grinder That You Need To Pay Special Attention When Choosing For It Homework What Kind Of Features?

When choosing a tool, it is necessary to remember that the working disk with a diameter of 230 mm is an attribute of a professional tool. Use it irrationally in everyday life. For the home, the optimal diameter of the disc is 115-150 mm.

To do the work at home, it is enough to purchase a grinder with a power up to 1200-1700 W. Powerful tools have 2.5 kW motors, but using their home does not justify itself. More powerful devices You weigh yourself significantly more and not very comfortable at work. Low current grinding machines are equipped with 0.5 W motors. They are only intended for small works, they overheat quickly.

The quality of the grinding and cutting, the speed of the execution work largely depends on the speed of the spindle with the working nozzle. For this, many Bulgarian models offer an adjustment of the rotations. The electronic system supports setting number of revolutions in advance for each load on the engine. Modern grinding machines can work at a spindle speed of 2800-11000 revolutions. Large Diameter Hard Drives Operate at approximately 6,600 RPM, excessive speed can cause total or partial destruction of the disc and personal injury to the operator. Choosing the optimal number of rolls for different jobs helps to save electricity and consumables.

Grinding nozzles for the mill have different degrees of roughness from large to small.

Working disc mounting systems can vary between different models. It does not affect the quality of work, but significantly simplifies the whole process of replacing the working nozzle. The fastening system with the help of a quick nut and super flinter has proven itself particularly well.

The angle grinder can be equipped with a smooth start system. At the time of the usual start of an electric motor on the network, a heavy load is created. It can lead to unpleasant consequences. To avoid them, some VSM models have a special electronic system that limits the starting current at the time the engine starts. In this way you can reduce the load on the network and eliminate the start jag. This system is particularly relevant in grinding machines with a powerful motor and with a disc diameter.

The USM should have mechanical or electronic protection that protects the device from accidental start-up. Mechanical safety only has to press, only then can the grinder be switched on. Such a fuse is more often installed on professional models. The electronic protection switches the device off even in the event of the briefest interruption in the power supply. To turn it on, you have to press the Start button again and press it again. Cost of Sanding S. Electronic Protection Several over the cost of other models.

Very useful function - spindle lock. Various unpleasant situations can occur during work. Sometimes includes the disc. In this case the spindle is blocked and protects the operator from injury and the motor from breaking. This feature also adds some value to the tool.

Metal washers can be included and can be purchased separately.

If you plan to use a grinder often and a lot, choose a model with easy access to brushes. Often times, if the use of the tool is not very intensive, the brushes do not need to be changed.

Do not neglect the anti-vibration protection function. It is better to be preferred to a tool with special vibrations. You can purchase a device with rubber pads on the handles. They work quite effectively on semi-professional models of grinders. Rubber overlays help hold and control the tool in your hands. Very convenient models in which an additional handle can be attached to different places on the case.

The attachment of the protective housing on the last USM models is provided in different positions. Changing the position of the case is made without the help of buttons and screwdrivers.

Protection against noise and dust. If the operator only needs protection from noise, so as not to hear unpleasant sounds, this can cause temporary deafness, and protection against dust ensures the durability of the tool. Dust is an abrasive material that destroys the ESM mechanism, which rotates at great speed. To protect against dust, the motor winding is covered with a special resin that is converted into armor after freezing. Some automobiles of automobiles have protection for gears and bearings from dust.

A good tool needs to be equipped with a speed controller.

Protection from external overheating and overvoltage most often consists of a light bulb that lights up when the temperature of the motor windings is 130 degrees. At a temperature of about 160 degrees, the speed of rotation will decrease when 200 degrees of Bulgarian is completely disconnected from the network.

The high quality device is usually suitably equipped with a convenient carrying and storage.

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Features of the use of household and professional cars

Corner grinders intended for domestic use have limited power. Their performance and the number of functions are significantly lower than those of professional models. Every 10-15 minutes must return the calm of 20 minutes. In this regard, the only positive point is their lower cost.

Professional USHM are more powerful and are designed for long work.

Professional consumers are designed to work long hours. Their quality is significantly higher. They have greater power, heats up more slowly, and recovery takes a shorter time. In such devices, you can use large-diameter working disks. Most professional grinders adjust the number of spindle revolutions. Such machines can work for several hours in a row without a break. The minus that they are heavy weight and large sizes. In the event of a breakdown, repairs will cost more than a domestic device.

All grinders can be one-handed and two-handed. The power of one-hand grinders usually does not exceed 1.5 kW. It is convenient to use them for grinding and cutting the material. The operating circuits are installed with a diameter of 150 mm.

The power of the two-hand tool is 2-2.5 kW. Slices can be 180-230 mm in size. They perfectly cut hardened steel, concrete, brick.

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Nozzles for Bulgarian

In order to do different types of work, different nozzles are installed on the mill. With their help, you can cut, grind, clean, polish various materials. There are nozzles as follows:

Velcro discs polish various materials.

  1. Velcro discs. With their help, you will polish the stone, metal, wood and other materials. The base of the nozzle is a circular area with a diameter of 125, 150 or 180 mm. Polishing, Emery and other discs are attached with Velcro. Sheep's wool discs are designed for thin polishing.
  2. Petal circles for sanding wooden surfaces. The hard drive consists of several layers of emery rock. Each layer can cover approximately 10 square meters. m surface.
  3. Wire brushes for cleaning metal details. from rust, from traces of old paint .. They can be a disc and a cup.
  4. Diamond circles for polishing granite, marble. Most often used in the manufacturers of monuments. Setting up such circles is recommended on the mills equipped with a Revollot regulator.

Diameter disk

Disc - the main connector consumable for USH. He cuts, grinds, cleans. When choosing a diameter, it is important to keep in mind that the "effective area" disc, meaning the depth of cutting is about four twos less than the diameter. That is, it only cuts the extreme 1/3-1 / 4 part of the disc There are disks 5 diameters:

  • 115 mm - the smallest disc. It is not suitable for major cutting due to the straight depth of Propyl (less than 25mm), but it is good for small works and milling. There are still machines with discs per 100mm that are intended solely for grinding and polishing, but they are scarce and not very common in everyday life.
  • 125 mm - the most popular size of household slice with a depth of 5 40 mm. Other target with hard drives Allows you to cut almost any material;
  • 150mm is convenient for cutting concrete, brick, metal pipe;
  • 180 mm is useful for those who have started repairs or construction;
  • 230 mm - discs for professional Bulgarians With a cutting depth of up to 70 mm, it is rarely used for homework. As a rule, the larger the disc on which the Bulgarian is designed, the greater the weight of the tool assembly.


It provides stable tool operation when loading and lets you work for a long time without breaking the rest of the tool. The power of the Bulgarians varies from 0.5 to 2.6 kW and is not tied to the size of the disk, that is, you can meet a hard drive with a disk at 125 mm with a capacity of 600 W and 1.5 square meters. For domestic purposes, the ESM is sufficient for 600-900 watts. For long and complex works with heavy circles, it is worth choosing an option with a capacity of 1.5 kW and more.


Indicates the speed of rotation of the spindle on which the disc is installed and can be up to 7000-9000 up to 7000-9000 up to 12000-12000 RPM with small hard drives up to 7000-9000 in models with large hard drives. Good Bulgarians have a manual regulator to regulate the number of revolutions that allows you to reduce the number of revolutions if necessary.

Number of handles

The convenience and safety of work depends on this parameter. OSM are one-handed and two-handed. The first option is distributed in relatively light models, both domestic and professional. Little Bulgarian can easily be maintained by a second hand for the housing. Two-hand grinders - heavy professional and semi-professional models, efficient and safe work, with which this requires physical strength and reliable coverage. Well, if the handle (s) of any corner facing machine has a rubberized coating or a vibration dampening system.

Additional functions

High-quality consumers have useful functions, facilitating work and extending the concept of the Bulgarian remedy. Their presence speaks about the professional purpose of the instrument and affects the price significantly. They meet in a good household tool:

  • "Soft Start" (start without idiots);
  • autotlope of brushes with short-term shutdowns of electricity;
  • hard drive avolancing (reduces the disk that beats with uneven erasure and thus the vibration in the hands);
  • the ability to fix the power switch for long-term operation;
  • the ability to change the case without tools;
  • automatic (electronic) regulation of the speed of the disc;
  • improved stator protection and anchors;
  • the dust removal system (the presence of a special nozzle for connecting the construction vacuum cleaner).

What is the best Bulgarian manufacturer?

The highest quality angle machines are produced in Germany, USA, Japan. The leaders of the Bulgarian market are considered Hitachi (Japan), Bosch (Germany), Makita (Japan). Such brands as: Dewalt (USA), DWT (Switzerland), Interskol (Russia) were established. Waldfeedback also deserves the products of the manufacturer Sparky (Bulgaria) - pioneer in the production of the USM.
For popularity - in triplicate by Interskol, Bosch and Makita leaders. The ears of these manufacturers combine a low price and a decent quality. Bulgarians especially often buy Interskol for the house - they are a little cheaper.
Domestic brands of Bulgarians have drawn noticeably into European and Japanese indications, and if it is impossible to spend or not to spend a large amount on the Esch, feel free to take Russian Bulgarian.

Evaluation of the best curve machines

"Expert Awards" selected the 12 best Bulgarians in 2017-2018, who have excellent qualities in their class.

What is necessary homemade masterwhat all work on the house plays with your own hands? Natural, high quality, reliable and most importantly in various construction work repair tool.

It is very useful in his arsenal to have an angle grinder (ESM) or, as affectionately referred to as the master's production division in Soviet times, "Bulgarian" dubbed.

The usefulness of this car is hard to challenge. The masters use it in the works:

  • with stone;
  • with metal;
  • with ceramic tiles;
  • with concrete to switch wiring;
  • for grinding surfaces;
  • for paint removal.

Choose a good grinder for high quality and safe performance of these works - the task that from time to time gets up before the amateur master and professional.

What to look for when choosing a grinder

Correctly choose Bulgarian - the matter is completely difficult, and for this you need to pay special attention to:

Consider these priorities in our opinion of the parameters when choosing a USHM.

Types of grinding machines (Bulgaria)

You can divide the ESM into two types depending on the complexity of the work:

household - Cars do not have great power for hard drives no more than 115 to 125 mm in diameter. Such bread tanks are not designed for long work. They are suitable for those who are thinking about the question of how to choose a grinder for a house with an optimal ratio of functionality and cost. Such a tool can be applied to small repair In the apartment - remove the paint, smudge the small surface, cut off metal pipe, etc.

Professional Grinding machines. They differ from the greater power, the size of the grinding wheels from 180 to 230 mm. Such USHM can be used with complex and long-term construction workers with stone, concrete or iron.

How to choose a grinder and on what kind of type, which is most suitable for the master, can only solve itself, based on the tasks that the technical characteristics of the instrument need to perform.

This is how you determine the power of the mill

Choosing a USHM by the type of work is necessary to take into account the power of the engine.

From 500 to 700 w - small electricity machines, usually not large in size, but with a short duration of the motor without overheating. There may be fine household chores at home. The plate for such machines can be only 115 mm.

From 700 to 1200 W.. You should take care of them, thereby choosing a mill for giving. Such an average power tool will do more big work, for example, grinding large surfaces or metal, where it is necessary to use the entire plane of the grinding wheel, suitable size which is 125 ~ 150mm.

From 1800 to 220 W. - For serious construction and installation work such as cutting concrete or thick metal that requires a powerful tool that can work without overheating. For such machines, the pulley diameter can reach 230 mm.

In any case, given the engine power, you need to pay attention to the rotational frequency of the output shaft, which can be in the range of 2800 to 11000 rpm. This parameter affects the speed and quality of work that will be produced when cutting stone, concrete or thick metal. It is necessary that the spindle rotations correspond to the size of the disk. Wrong choice This ratio can destroy the disc and cause serious injuries.

Given the necessary technical characteristics of the Bulgarian, you can choose a tool according to the optimal value ratio and quality.

Popular brands Bulgarians

So far, the USM produces many manufacturers and determine which company Bulgarian to choose does not work for the master. Professionals are deserved of the best tool The following samples from popular manufacturers:

modelestimated priceTechnical characteristics
BT BWS-500-P. Household.1000 p.Power - 500 W. Disc diameter - 115 mm. Applied for minor homework.
Makita GA5030. Household.2500 r.720 W. 125 mm. Disc rotation frequency - 11000 rpm.Weight - 1.4 kg with a case. The ability to fix the spindle.
Fürolent 2-9-125-e. Household.2300 p.900 W. 125 mm. 10,000 rpm, 1.6 kg. Equipped with an additional 2-position handle.
Metabo W 11-150 fast 600271000. Household.5000 p.1100 W. 150 mm. 9000 rpm.1.8 kg There is a protective grille, managed start, vibrator.
BOSCH GWS 12-125 CIE. Professional.5500 p.1200 W. 150mm. The rotation is set in 6 positions 2800 ~ 11500 rpm. 2.3 kg. Protection against overloads. The ability to work at an angle.
Hitachi G23UBY. Professional.7100 p.2600 W. 230 mm. 6600 rpm, 5.1 kg. Has a starting current limiter.

And this is not an exhaustive list of popular brands. The prices are also exemplary. Which Bulgarian to buy, everyone can solve for themselves, relying on the reviews of masters, prices, and additional features that are available from each of the popular samples.

The angle grinder (USM), otherwise known as a mill - a multifunctional tool, is used for cutting and grinding almost any material, a variety of shapes and thicknesses. Easy-handles PVC, metal, stone, slate, ceramic, tile, tile, tile, wood and others. Convenience, versatility, compactness made these tools with almost indispensable everyday life during repair and construction of the house in the country.

Main characteristics and types of Bulgarians

The main characteristics of the Bulgarians are the maximum size of the grinding or cutting circle and power. The diameter of the working disks is 115 mm (permanent instruments) to 230 mm (for professional Bulgol). For this parameter there is a conditional classification of these tools:

  • bulgaren under the disk with a diameter of 115 mm are used for grinding and small precision cutting work;
  • 125 mm - the most common size. Best for housework or in the country. Washers and brushes of any functionality of this size are most commonly found for sale.
  • Bulgarians under a circle of 150 mm belong to the average between the professional and household instrument;
  • 180 mm - semi-professional grade is used for cutting thick blanks and profiles.
  • 230 mm, angle grinders for this hard drive size are not suitable for minor work. They are used for construction and repair work on a large scale.

There are also grinding machines with a pneumatic drive. They can long-term work without overheating are able to be mainly used in industry.

The frequency of revolutions and torque depends directly on the size of the disk. As the diameter of the circle increases, the number of revolutions decreases, the power and torque of the Bulgarians increase.

The power of the angle grinders presented on the market is 500 W to 3 kW. The harder the material is longer and more difficult to work, the more powerful mill should be chosen. For the house and at home there are usually enough tools with a capacity of 1000 to 1500 W.

Also distinguish between network and rechargeable grinding machines. The latter are used in conditions where power is absent or the network has disappeared. For example, for work on the road or at heights. Rechargeable tools have serious flaws several years old, their mass is much superior to many network analogues, the time of continuous work is also small. If conditions allow giving and home, it is better to purchase a mill with a network or a combined power supply.

Choice of discs for Bulgarians

Correctly choosing the functionality of the hard drives is no less important. The following types are used in the mills:

Attention! A certain type of floppy disk is designed to work with a certain material. It is forbidden to use circles for other materials. Otherwise, the possibility of hard drive breakage and damage to its fragments is not excluded.

What do you look out for when buying a grinder?

  • Start by appreciating the full range of works for which Bulgarian is expected. For the home and cottage, where you often need to carry out the work of different profiles and with different materials, it is better to acquire a tool with the possibility of smooth speed adjustment. Such a Bulgarian is the most multifunctional;
  • A good quality tool should provide a quick and convenient change of the working wheels. If you need to change the circles frequently, it is better to give preference to the mill, where the circle can be replaced without using the key;
  • Bulgarians should be delivered electronically and mechanical systems security. Make sure you have a protective cover, it protects the operator from flying sparks, dust, abrasive particles, disc fragments. In modern models it is often possible to fix the case in different positions.

Attention! It is forbidden to use grinding machines without a protective cover. All work should be carried out in protective goggles and gloves. To work with materials that form a large number of flat dust, use respirators and other respiratory protection techniques.

The ESM can give up in its popularity. Is that drill. This is unsurprising as there are higher snap choices. A tool that often even has a speed adjustment can generate a large amount of work. The name "Bulgarian" itself is unofficial. The thing is that the first similar tool came to our country from Bulgaria. Bulgarians are very popular both in domestic use and in professional builders. They allow cutting metal, brick, concrete, cement, marble, stone, asphalt, etc. They allow polishing and grinding to produce, clean paint. USM can be used instead of electric. In this article we are going to analyze how you can choose a grinder and choose better option For home and commercial.

Classification by USM.

Classified USM in time. Bulgarians for the home apply either from time to time or for 30-40 minutes a day. Professional models have increased resource because of increased operational intensity. Due to the increased load professional instrument some functions appear: reduced noise, improved dust protection, various electronic protection systems. There is also a separate class called Industrial. It is more resistant to overloads because it is best operated intensively, but pneumatic systems are usually used.

Still mills are separated by the size of the circle used. So there is a tool with a diameter of 115, 125, 150, 180, 230 millimeters. The most popular circles are 125 and 230 mm.

Technical specifications

Before making a home hot tub, it is worth studying its constructive feature. And its protection systems concern the ability to work with it. If you look at them from the side, you will see that the axis of the motor and the spindle are at right angles to each other. The transmission of rotation is not complicated: the motor connected to the gearbox turns it. It acts perpendicular to the driven gear. Lowing is a gear. This means that out of the couple of thousand turns in the engine at the exit, only 1-2 thousand have. In general, the scheme is not difficult, but expensive and quality equipment Own your nuances that we will talk below.

Frequency of rotation and diameter of the circle

Are You Thinking How To Pick A USH For Home? Know that the main features for choosing is the size of the circle. Only below that are the power and the number of engine speeds selected, which ultimately affect the kilograms of the ABM. It is necessary to take into account that the number of revolutions innovative, up to date The hard drive should not exceed 80 m / s. If that value is more, the circle has all the chances of crumbling. Of course, the results of the breakdown can be sad. On the contrary, if the speed is slow, the disk resource will decrease and the uptime will increase. That is why it is important to make a choice with the golden mean.

Power selection

The power of the main set of ESM varies in the range from 750 to 2700 W. Under the power of the motor, the hard disk is selected. For example, a 125 mm Bulgarian with a size of 125 mm has a power of not more than 1,400 W, but for a circle of 230 mm, not less than 2 kW.

The size of the torque is not often specified in the device's passport. In principle, it is not necessary to know that it is enough to look at the number of revolutions and power. But for information we will show you an example. So, medium model, this has a capacity of 1 kW and 10,000 rpm, torque of 3 N * m. When deciding how to choose a mill for the house, as experts advise, look at the size of the motor. The more it is, the more it can create torque during operation. Therefore when it happens selection from USHM. For long-term intensive loads, it is recommended to pay attention to the size of the engine, and only then to its power and additional systems.

Number of handles

Tools with a handle, usually an ESM under the circles 125 and 115 mm, have a secondary handle. Such mills are less weight and more compact. But the name "one-handed" should not be confused, because the safety technology means that the grinder cannot hold a hand. Therefore, when using a one-handed device, the second hand must hold it for the case.

Two-hand devices are easy. Two handles are offered, one of which is the main back and the second front which is connected separately.

Dust and noise protection

In the operating process, the main noise is generated by the engine, transmission and air. If Bulgarian is used briefly, it will be harmless. However, if a person uses a grinder for a whole day, the tone will be delicate. Make the ears quieter to use the osmosal gait system. This system is called a pair of "Glisson". This engagement scheme is the most reliable and also makes less noise.

The main enemy of Bulgarian is dust. One thing is when it covers the details in the open air and the other when it starts entering rotating surfaces. Inside the body of the machine it is made into abrasive material. The greatest dust formation occurs during the processing of concrete, which leaves extremely corrosive waste.

Armor wraps deserve the dust's greatest popularity. They are open to special compositions, what if they sacrifice reliable protection. Still protect the grille from dust near the anchor. But you shouldn't confuse a big step up the pole. During operation, the mechanism is contacted very quickly and large particles learn. Such a protection system technology is used on Metabos mills, for example. And Dewalt chose a different method. It provided individual cases through filtration, which separates the garbage from the air and discards it into the atmosphere.

Manufacturers protect from dust while motors aren't just trying. Example, Makita Integrated bearings behind the maze, which slows down the dust in the process of work, does not allow her to get to the engine.

It will, of course, be assumed that professional models will come from a similar protection system that will have to work a lot more.

Heat sink

While the work of Bulgaria is very cool and it is natural. The hot spot is the gear case as it differentiates friction from gears and a lot of heat. Ventilation system I. Lubricants, of course, they help, but that's not enough. So it is not at all surprising that almost all ESS now have a gear with a metal gear, like the plastic, and also remove better heat. The fact that the weight is added doesn't stop that hold up your choices on such a USH.

The gearbox is typically made of aluminum. However, at regular intervals in professional models, it is made of magnesium alloy, since it is a smaller weight, it is more likely to cool and more durable. Some manufacturers (Hitachi) have models with a metal housing. But it is very rare. In addition, ventilation is improved. Thus, the impeller is not supplied with ordinary, but diagonal blades, which increases the air speed.

Adjust speed

The setting on the ESM is carried out by a small wheel in the case. Regulation is due to the fact that the motor voltage is supplied with pulses. When the pulses are smaller, the rotor turns less.

Pay attention! The adjustment of the speed is an electronic system and not on the mechanics.

It's associated with this at low speed while the engine is easier to overload than on high. This function is relevant for devices with a low current. The low speed of rotation will not often be useful to you, but in individual operations, such as polishing, it is difficult without it.

Start current limit.

When deciding how to properly choose Bulgarian, you will study information about it. Usually such functionality is separated into two types: a soft start and restrictions on the starting current. Smooth start. Provides a smooth start to work and eliminates the initial jolt and also reduces gear wear. The second function reduces the load on the electrical network. This system is useful for high energy instruments. The soft start system comes with both domestic and professional grinders.

The system can act on different principles. This depends on a specific device. It may be that the start is done very gently, that is, the Bulgarian working mode will go into the working mode in a few seconds, and this is a certain catch in itself: you will run a risk of giving a load to the Esch, too before it comes to working speed and it is impossible to meet this. Ideally, the leak should appear almost immediately, but without backpacks. While choosing, be sure to pay attention to it.

Maintenance of the speed

If you start with the angle grinder to work under load, the turns will decrease noticeably, and the current in the engine, on the contrary, increases. In order to strengthen the efficiency of the efficiency in the use process, many ESS, especially expensive electronic stabilization process. It works like this: when the power drops, the system understands and adds the power supply, increasing the torque.

There are two types of stabilization systems. Thus, in one embodiment, in one embodiment, the reduction in speed is monitored by the current value: After it has grown, the sensor generates a signal to increase the voltage. In the USHM, only 160 V was involved initially instead of 220. This method is most inert because the speed falls first and then increases to the required value. In the second case, if participation in the work adopts a tachometer generator, then such an error does not occur, and the speed is maintained at a constant level. The tachometer generator reacts to a decrease in the number of rotor pulses per unit of time, ie 1 turnover is one pulse equal to one pulse.

It is worth remembering that the possibility of submitting the reserve is limited. If you give it a heavy load, the electronics may not be able to withstand. Therefore, the mill does not have to be overloaded with any scenario. KNOW that such a system can help avoid adjustments to the disk and port: when the jam occurs, the grinder may snap off your hands as the power reserve is connected.

Protection against overload

The control of the overload can occur with a current or with increasing temperature. It happens that the device comes in this way, which combines both methods. Protective files sequentially.: If the temperature rises to 130 degrees during operation, the light will glow, if it is heated to 160, then the system will reset the revolutions, and if overheated up to 200 degrees, it will become Bulgarian. Overestimating the merits of this system is difficult because it allows you to protect against the engine overheating that most commonly occurs when jamming a disc.

Such a system of protection from overload can often not like those who want to load the USHM, because in this case it will only interfere. But here you need your unequivocal choice: either you prefer a long life or you don't do it at great gain working speeds due to damage to the engine and a circuit.

Protection from the reset and engine stop system during downsizing

If there is an instant circuit, the emergency stop system will stop the motor immediately. The entire system is based on electronics, so it is only implemented in premium models, but not everyone either. Most often used mechanical protection that is implemented as a protective clutch.

In cases where Bulgarian does not work, repeated protection is required and the start button is already activated. It happens when the mill is installed from the network. Even if you specify the voltage then it won't work, if you lock the ISM it won't work. To turn the device on, you must first discard the switch and turn it on again.

Disc brake

This system can be useful for those who love without waiting, when the circle stops, stops working and brings the mill to the bottom or into the dirt with sand with sand. At the same time, the device disappears dust and dirt, the dangers of which have already been told above. The disc brake system thus reduces the duration of the ELZEN to 3 seconds. It also becomes useful and during a significant backward strike when the ESM escapes from the hands.

Safety coupling

The clutch is structurally carried out in different variations, but it still has one goal - preventing the opposite effect and destruction of the circle in time. In addition, it is able to protect the engine from overheating.

First, the sliding coupling can be used. The principle of operation of the system is as follows: The driven gear is connected to the spindle through the system of multiple adhesive disks. But they are not rigidly fixed. If a certain overload occurs during operation, their relationship will be broken and they will slip relative to each other. The hard drive stops but the motor works. In general, the clutch is like a handle on the car, but it does not completely violate the Bulgarian relationship. There will be friction and consequently stress on the engine, albeit much less than during jamming.

Second, a centrifugal clutch can be used. This is the article that has petals in it. If the mechanism does not work, then they are in a quiet position. However, when the clutch begins, these petals of centrifugal force are directed against the outer walls. The torque is thus transmitted to the snap leaf.

Spindle lock

Such a block is available in almost all EMS. When you click the lock button, it's simply pinned in the same position. This can help you make the process of replacing the circle easier. If you choose a grinder with a thoughtful mechanism that rarely occurs, the blocking will work instantly. The main mass must catch the time of blocking and the manual moment of the snap-in.

Automatic disk balancing.

Essentially, this system is a clutch in which the balls are in oil. In the work process, they move in such a way that the center of gravity moves with vibration and eliminates it. This regulation reduces the plate take-off and the work itself is more comfortable. However, to choose a grinder with an auto balance is difficult because it is rarely found. No matter how cool, the benefits of that are huge.

Adjust protective cover without key

It will be a very useful feature for professional Bulgarians who often have to change the situation. The fixing levers create tightening and weakening of the attachment. However, such a mounting option is lacking. Sometimes the bracket is broken and the case begins to rotate 360 ​​degrees freely.

Easy access to brush

What is meant here is the plastic plug, the opening that you can reach to the brush knot. The process of replacing the brushes is very simplified in this case. You do not have to dismantle the device and also carry it with the service center. Often, however, the lid twisted with self-additions often occurs.

Additional handle

Extra handle during operation can usually be used in one of the 2 or 3 positions. There are threaded holes to install on the gearbox. This function allows you to work in the most comfortable position. You can choose the handle that is right for you. But for example, Dewalt Company supplied a handle with all five positions. If you look from this position then it isn't a major issue Brande is buying into.

Ability to set the main grip

Here it is due to the ability to rotate the main handle different corner in relation to the body of the device. It is usually an adjustment in three positions: a normal position and a speed at right angles in each direction. The presence of such an adjustment should be greatly simplified with the WSM, since you can regulate it in inconvenient places.

Vibrating handle and lining

During operation, the continuous effect of vibration will be detrimental. That is why only professional models are equipped with vibrating handles. Thanks to its design, the handle will absorb the vibration, which makes the work not so boring. If there are also soft linings, they do not allow slippage and you do not have to keep changing the handle on the handle.

Random inclusion blocking.

This protection system is intended to protect you against accidental entry of the device. Useful property It can also be called as it will prevent you from harm. If there is also a fixation of the switch, then it is a plus if long work. You can change the grip and your hands will be less tired. Periodically thrusts over the buttons with a special fixation: the button remains in the working position, but when the overload occurs it appears, which turns off the Bulgark. Protection should be different - levers, keys, etc.

Rechargeable Bulgarian

In our review, it is impossible to bypass the special class of USM rechargeable grinders. If you compare them to rechargeable screwdrivers or drills, the baccakes with batteries do not yet have a mass distribution. The popularity of them is only gaining now, until the recent past was not in the country at all.

However, many have so far been unmoved on such a design. Besides and great skepticism is justified. The thing is that the USM is a tool that uses a lot of electricity. Network options rarely have a power of less than 800 W or even more than 2 kW. Probably that the main drawback of Buldenbulgarians is not difficult: the battery capacity passes too quickly in just 5-10 minutes.

If there is a long cut, then there is not enough time. Performance when working is also lame, because typically installed discs of 115 mm. Yes, and among other things, the price is not small. Therefore, it turns out that such a Bulgarian is acquired for the house only when there is an acute need. However, after the lithium-ion battery appeared, the duration of such a UHM increased somewhat. In some cases, in some cases, it is possible to make your choice in favor of the rechargeable ESM.

Before you understand what Bulgarian is better and how to choose a mill for a home for you, it is necessary to identify your goals. First, decide on the size of the circle - 230 or 150 mm. As mentioned above, there are other sizes, but these will be the most common. If you compare these two types of Bulgarians, the difference between them is quite big. Bulgarian under the disc 180 mm will be light and oversized, and under 230 mm quite strong and large. The second type of tool should be chosen when you know you need to cut a thickness of metal or do a very important amount of work. If you only want to work at home, then such operations are rare. It's not worth getting overpaid.

Choosing a One-Handed or Two-Handed USM? Here everything just depends on your preferences. When buying a USH, it pays to hold a USH in your hands, learn about their systems and understand what is more convenient for you to work, and only after that make your choice.

After that, the choice of the main direction of cutting should be made. As you cut the concrete more, the device should be taken stronger, and when more work with the metal works the more, you can take a hogge. Well when you have buffing job, don't save a buffing machine.

Say a few words about power. The belief that the more powerful ohm, the better the truthful half. The thing is that with high performance there will be more weight to Bulgarism. Agree that low weight and compactness will be a big plus because the work won't be that boring. If you are a beginner at working with a grinder, you shouldn't be too vigorous unless you know the strength of the reverse blow.

Decide how often you will work with a grinder. Even if you have to carry out large quantities at home, it is desirable not to take an expensive professional model. If you use the device from time to time, it is better to take a simpler budget. Of course, if you have the option to purchase a premium model, you can hardly regret buying it.

And last. Bulgarian is not a too expensive tool. The choice of the high quality USM is now available for small quantities. Now the suggestion is so great that you will spend more time evaluating all the pros and cons than looking at the place of purchase.

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