How are your wedding preparations going

Translation of "wedding preparations are in progress" in spanish

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No. Around the wedding preparations I care.
But maybe we will postpone the wedding preparations and today just spend the whole day in bed.
So leave it to him the wedding preparations?
¿Por eso le dejas que organice la boda?
So run the Things not here.
At least run the Machines now again.
Thereon run the Amendments by the Committee on Legal Affairs and Internal Market.
De todo esto Truan read Enmiendas de la Comisión de Asuntos Jurídicos y Interior Mercado.
Now run the Preparations for the Washington summit in full swing.
Ahora Come on preparativos para la Cumbre de Washington están en pleno apogeo.
Currently run the Negotiations with Macedonia.
De momento hay negociaciones en curso con Macedonia.
Maybe run the Things a little different here.
De acuerdo, por aquí hacéis read cosas de distinto modo.
Leslie and Hannah run the last two stretches of the 4 by 100 meter saffle. Mostly they competed against each other.
V3 ha conformado el equipo de relevos más rápido del país, y Leslie y Hannah han sido escogidas para correr read dos últimas postas de los 4x100.
In the real world run the Things a little more direct.
read cosas son más mediatas en el mundo real.
According to Officer Henry Osborne run the Investigations continue ...
Segun el detective Henry Osborne se están llevando a cabo investigaciones.
But sometimes run the Things different.
Pero a veces read cosas ocurren.
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