There are dead kitchens

Create storage space and use it optimally: planning tips

Corner cabinets

There is an ideal planning solution for every kitchen floor plan. It is important that the functional importance of the corners is not neglected. A dead corner is always synonymous with lost storage space. Stand as a practical alternative various corner cabinet variants to choose from, with which wonderfully new storage space can be created. Depending on your taste and needs, you can choose between sophisticated cabinets such as the SPACE CORNER with several drawers to accommodate even smaller things, the Magic Corner corner base cabinet or the Le Mans corner base cabinet for stowing e.g. cookware. Corner cabinets can also be implemented as highboards or tall cabinets.

Narrow cabinets

Even in the narrowest niches, additional storage space is created in the kitchen using, for example, base cabinets that are only 30 cm or 15 cm wide. The possible uses are diverse. Placed next to the stove or within the sink area, a narrow pull-out cabinet ensures order and offers space for important cooking and washing utensils. Narrow cabinets are also suitable for storing spices and cooking oil or vinegar bottles, for example. Narrow tall cabinets are also available.

U-shaped pull-outs under the sink

Unfortunately, for cost reasons, for example, a conventional sink cabinet with only one door and without further subdivisions is often used. The basin protruding downwards is covered by a blind panel. Sink base units with a practical U-extension, on the other hand, ensure that the available storage space is used optimally. The additional space available next to the sink offers sufficient capacity for various washing utensils. The cabinet solution is only possible with wider sink cabinets.

Individually adaptable storage cupboards

Modern larder cabinets can be individually tailored to the respective storage space requirements. The height and width of the cabinet as well as the individually pull-out drawers can be determined individually. Since full pull-outs provide a good overview of all stored goods, the contents of the cupboard can be better organized and the storage space can be better used.