How were you punished in school


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The pretty pupil to the teacher: "Believe me, I would really do anything to pass the class!"
The teacher asks: "Really everything?"
She bends over to him and breathes: "Yes, everything!"
Teacher: "Would you also study?"

"When I say: I had lunch - what time is that?" Asks the teacher. "A meal," knows Hans-Peter.

"Words beginning with the prefix, U.N- usually express something bad or unpleasant, ”explains the teacher. "Who can say such a word?"
Then Gernot quick-witted: "Lessons!"

"Ms. teacher", asks Karlchen, "can you also be punished for something that you haven't done at all?"
“No, Karlchen, you can't get a penalty for that,” the teacher says.
"Then it's good!", Now the clever little Karl admits. "Because I haven't done my homework."

The teacher asks the children: "Who can give me an example that honesty lasts the longest?"
“I, sir,” replies Heiner. "If I copy the arithmetic problems off, I'll finish quickly; if I do them alone, it will take a lot longer."

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