MG Hector is a Chinese company

Two major Chinese automakers plan to buy factory in India

Two of the largest Chinese automakers - SAIC Motor Corporation Limited and Great Wall Motors Company Limited - are reportedly in talks with the General Motors Company. They want to acquire the last remaining factory of the Detroit-based automaker in the southwest Indian state of Maharashtra. India's leading English daily Hindustan Times reported Monday that the factory, which is located in the state's Talegaon district, can produce up to 165,000 vehicles and up to 160,000 drive trains per year. General Motors sold its first Indian factory at Halol in the western state of Gujarat to SAIC in 2017.

MG Motor India, a subsidiary of SAIC, recently had a staggering success with the debut of the Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) "Hector," which went on sale in June, the report said. “That probably led SAIC to keep an eye on GM's second factory. MG has drawn up an ambitious product launch plan for the Indian market. MG plans to launch a second product in India next month, an electric SUV, ”the daily reported. According to the newspaper, SAIC and Great Wall are looking for new markets to expand, including India. Both Chinese companies, Great Wall in particular, are keen to acquire factories rather than greenfields, which generally takes a few years.