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RankingThe tallest buildings under construction in the world

Skyscrapers are status symbols, but they have to pay off for the builder. At astronomical land prices - for example in Manhattan - it is only natural to build as high as possible to maximize profit. However, extremely tall buildings have their own set of challenges and costs. In addition to the statics, this includes the simple question: How do people get to the 150th floor? On the one hand, penthouse residents shouldn't have a half-hour "journey", on the other hand, elevator shafts take up a lot of valuable space.

The corona crisis has once again brought the sense or nonsense of mega-skyscrapers into focus. In China, on the other hand, a construction boom has broken out, which reflects the economic upswing in the world's most populous country. The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, a Chicago-based non-profit organization, maintains a database of the tallest buildings currently under construction. 18 of the 25 top runners are therefore in China.

We have therefore widened our view and looked at which other countries are still building skyscrapers over 350 meters. These are the tallest buildings currently being built.

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# 22 Tallest building under construction: Iconic Tower

The Iconic Tower in Cairo deserves its name. The skyscraper is expected to measure around 385 meters after its completion in 2023. This would make it almost three times as high as the highest building in the Egyptian capital to date, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (143 meters). In an international comparison, it is only enough for the office building in the ranking of the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat for 22nd place. Places 21 to 19 go to skyscrapers in China. We ignore the People's Republic up to the top 10 and continue with rank 18.

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# 18 Tallest building under construction: One Tower

The One Tower will also dominate the skyline of his city. With a planned 405.3 meters, it is around 30 meters higher than the previous leader in Moscow. The skyscraper should be ready for occupancy in 2024 and house apartments and offices.

# 12 Tallest building under construction: 111 West 57th Street

After five skyscrapers in China, 111 West 57th Street moves into the ranking. This new building will take third place in the skyscraper stronghold of New York City. 111 West 57th Street is slated to measure around 435.3 meters when completed in 2021. The apartment skyscraper with its 84 floors would only have to admit defeat to the One World Trade Center and the Central Park Tower.

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# 10 tallest building under construction: One Bangkok O4H4

One Bangkok O4H4, on the other hand, does not want to give the competition a chance. The skyscraper is expected to house hotel rooms and offices on 92 floors from 2025. If everything goes as planned, at 436.1 meters it will be 120 meters higher than the previous top dog in Bangkok, Magnolias Waterfront Residences Tower 1.

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# 9 to # 3 Tallest building under construction: China

Places nine to three go to skyscrapers in China. It starts with Tianshan Gate of the World Plots 27 and 28 in Shijiazhuang (450 meters, completion: 2025). The tallest building currently under construction in the People's Republic is, according to the Skyscraper database, the Greenland Jinmao International Financial Center in Nanjing with 499.8 meters (completion: 2025). According to the current status, it would displace the Ping An Finance Center by only a few centimeters from the second place of the tallest building in China, but would still be well behind the Shanghai Tower (632.0 meters). Despite the construction boom, the People's Republic has to leave the two top positions in the ranking to other nations.

# 2 Tallest building under construction: Merdeka PNB118

So far, the Petronas Twin Towers have dominated the skyline of Kuala Lumpur. They are currently in 17th place among the tallest buildings in the world, but will be eclipsed by Merdeka PNB118 from 2022. The new mega-skyscraper in Malaysia's capital will be 644.0 meters high, almost 200 meters higher than the twin towers. Merdeka PNB118 will house apartments, hotel rooms and offices.