How do blind people have sex

Blind people at the Venus sex fairThe new Sextoy feel

Somewhat different things are important to people with visual disabilities during sex than they do to people who can see. This can also be seen when visiting the Venus sex fair in Berlin.

The Venus sex fair took place in Berlin at the weekend, where porn stars and the latest sex toys were presented. For the third time, a guided tour by the Berlin Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired took place. Because, of course, blind people or people with visual impairments are also interested in sex.

The group of blind people is led by the travesty artist Ella Mortadella. She can well understand that it could be a little more difficult for people with a visual impairment to approach new products in a sex shop:

"Especially a person who may have poor eyesight may be a little prevented from going to a sex shop and asking right now: 'Can I touch this and that?'"

"Well, I'm also very interested in BDSM and bondage, for example - and that's where it fits very well."

The Venus fair makes this approach much easier, says Ella Mortadella. Because here the visually impaired visitors can find out directly how something feels. For example, the masturbation toy presented by a saleswoman.

Porn is also interesting for the blind visitor to the fair, Tim. For him, the most important thing here is to hear the complete normal original sound - the rest is then just a fantasy. Tim makes the pictures himself in his head.

For Tim, there are some limits to sex. And those are the things that he cannot feel because he is blind. But completely new horizons have also opened up for him: Since he has been blind, he has experienced sex primarily in the form of smells and noises and of course touch. And since he can no longer see, "of course everything else becomes clear".

"So you need the complete normal original sound, and then you become a kind of sound fetishist. The noises become more important and stop the imagination!"
Tim on consuming porn