Is architect synonymous with engineer

Gaps and contradictions in the specification of services: poor architectural work!

Gaps and contradictions in the specification of services are typical planning errors in the technical area and make the architect's work inadequate. The Higher Regional Court of Brandenburg pointed this out in its decision of August 29, 2014.
Higher Regional Court Brandenburg, judgment of August 29, 2014 - 11 U 170/11 

The architect does not have to check old buildings for dry rot himself!

The KG in Berlin decided that an architect does not have to comprehensively clarify the dry rot infestation himself when renovating an old building. The specific determination of dry rot infestation may be transferred to the building contractor with the specification of services.
KG, judgment of July 25, 2014 - 21 U 40/13

Sealing work in the wet area of ​​a swimming pool is particularly subject to monitoring!

Sealing and tiling work in a wet area of ​​a swimming pool is a construction phase that is of central importance, synonymous with the success of the entire work. The tiling and sealing work in the wet areas of a swimming pool, unlike in the dry areas, is not a matter of course for craftsmanship (based on OLG Koblenz, IBR 2013, 756; LG Berlin, IBR 2005, 228; OLG Düsseldorf, IBR 2006, 1445 - online only). This obliges the architect to carry out special construction supervision, according to the OLG Koblenz in its decision of 30.09.2014.
OLG Koblenz, judgment of 30.09.2014 - 3 U 413/14

The architect has to check "rescheduling" and adapt it to the overall planning!

If an architect has been commissioned with all of the HOAI's work phases and part of the work (here: the top parking deck) is "rescheduled" by someone else involved in the construction, the architect must check the new plan and ensure that it is properly and professionally "fitted" into the overall plan to care. That was decided by the OLG Celle.
OLG Celle, judgment of 06.03.2014 - 5 U 40/13


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