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16 photos that will make you feel super bad laughing at them

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If you can look at these pictures without laughing, you are a better person than me.

BuzzFeed.de © Philipp Jahner / BuzzFeed

1. This old man is just trying to get his new phone working.

BuzzFeed.de © Twitter: @amyybarraa

2. Why are birds so rude?

BuzzFeed.de © reddit.com

3. This grandma made a big decision when she chose Hollywood over Church.

4. Who can honestly say that they have never made a mistake in a photo booth?

5. At this point, it's probably easier to just move.

BuzzFeed.de © reddit.com

6. This guy should probably sleep better with one eye open from now on.

7. Therefore you have to drive extra carefully in the snow.

8. Europe has such absurdly small bathroom water fountains.

BuzzFeed.de © imgur.com

9. Oh no.

BuzzFeed.de © reddit.com

10. Sometimes the recovery is worse than the accident itself.

BuzzFeed.de © Twitter: @maiseycharters_

11. Give this guy an audio cable!

BuzzFeed.de © imgur.com

12. Okay, that's kind of cute.

13. When will people finally learn that monkeys are not their friends?

BuzzFeed.de © Twitter: @ karima7077

14. Hope this guy is in a better place now.

BuzzFeed.de © Twitter: @ Aripags25

15. After all, it could have rained.

BuzzFeed.de © reddit.com

16. And in the end, please don't laugh at this unfortunate accident:

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