What will you never accept in yourself

15 uncomfortable facts you have to accept in order to live a full life

It is well known that life is not always easy, but it is worth it. When we understand its lessons, it can take us to the greatest places.

1. Failures are inevitable. You will fail multiple times and some of the failures will make you want to give up. But when you stop moaning and despairing about the stumbling blocks and storms that are falling over your life, you will see that they are there to make you stronger and bring you something better. Failure is the only way to succeed and it's never about the results, it's about getting up and trying again and again.

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2. You can still be disappointed by the people you trust. Someone will always let you down or hurt you even if they love you, and you will inadvertently hurt others too. Never expect too much from other people, not even from your loved ones. Remember that the only key to a lasting relationship is to compromise and give without expecting anything in return.

3. Falling in love with someone will always come with being vulnerable. Being in love means believing that other people won't break your heart, although there is no guarantee that it won't. Don't be afraid, because your heart is designed to heal itself no matter what.

4. Letting go is a skill that you should master. Remember that you cannot force people to stay in your life and you will meet many people who will only stay by your side for a certain period of time. Cherish the good times together, but don't forget that the people who belong in your life will find their way to you.

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5. You don't always have to agree with other people. You don't have to agree with what people believe in and you don't have to pay attention to what people do. It takes courage to be different from the other people, but it will be worth it for your own happiness and wellbeing. Just follow your heart and do what feels right for you and not for the herd.

6. Life will almost never go as planned. On the contrary, no matter how carefully you plan something, something will always go wrong. Instead of making plans, try to set goals and never expect much from life. The universe has the best plans for you. You just have to trust him and let it all happen the way it's supposed to be.

7. Everything is temporary, including your life situations. If you are going through a difficult period in your life right now, don't worry because sooner or later your situation will change. This is true even if everything is perfect in your life. Keep both feet on the ground because your best moments won't last forever.

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8. People are just as confused as you are, but they just pretend they know how to live a real life. There is no point in comparing your life to others as each individual fights and has their own struggles. Always remember that no one leads a life as perfect as the one shown on Instagram.

Everyone does their best to hide their insecurities, weaknesses and defeats, so you're doing yourself a big favor if you don't get through that "Perfect" Scrolls someone's life and eats you up with envy. Maybe this person secretly envies you too - because you are more patient with the people around you, or because you are so happy with yourself and your life that you don't have to post exciting Instagram feeds to get approval from others.

9. Forgiving yourself will be the hardest challenge in your life. Accept the fact that you will sometimes make mistakes. All of your actions have consequences and it is perfectly okay and even inevitable that you will make mistakes because that is the only way to learn and discover yourself. If you don't make mistakes, you are hiding from life and missing out on the best.

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10. You can never get everyone to like you, even if you turn yourself into a Nutella jar. Everyone is different, everyone wants something different, and everyone has different demands on their fellow human beings. There will always be someone around to judge you, so just do what you love as long as it doesn't harm other people's wellbeing.

11. Hiding your feelings will only make things worse and this could be the source of drama in your life. The only way to resolve this is to learn to accept, admit, and show your feelings. Your feelings are always real as long as you control them instead of denying them.

12. Leaving your comfort zone is the only way for you to grow and this could be the worst experience you will ever have. But you will learn countless lessons on how to conquer your own fears and insecurities. The mountain that is the hardest to climb has the most beautiful and fulfilling view.

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13. You will always attract what you deserve because there is no such thing as chance. Everything that happens in your life is the result of your thoughts and actions. There is always hard work behind every success. Always remember: As one calls into the forest, it resounds.

14. Worrying and doubting yourself gets you nowhere. This can only make you think all the time. Often people turn a mosquito into an elephant.

According to the well-known motivational speaker Earl Nightingale, 40 percent of us worry about things that will never happen and 30 percent of us worry about past events that we can no longer change. Unnecessary worries about our health make up 12 percent, other little things 10 percent. Overall, that accounts for 92 percent of pointless brooding, while only 8 percent are real problems worth dealing with. How often have you eaten yourself away because of little things, nonexistent problems or past events?

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Relax because humans are made to survive, so don't worry. You'll be fine.

15. You can't rely on anyone but yourself because everyone else is busy making the most of their life, and so should you. You have to learn to be your own hero and save yourself first before helping others. Accept the fact that you came into this world alone and will die alone too. But it's okay to be alone because the universe always prepares good things if you just notice and accept it.

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