How does venison taste

Goulash & Co .: What we really eat when we eat deer

It is a relatively quick death for the deer. In the herd, they are driven into a snail-shaped, darkened chamber labyrinth. If they are divided into smaller groups, a fine spray of water trickles onto the deer from overhead lines. It has been found that the animals behave calmly when it rains. The man with the nail gun waits in the last chamber and places it on the forehead of the stag standing in front of him. A short hiss of compressed air, then the animal sinks through a side flap into the slaughter area.

A good 200 animals died that day in the Mountain River slaughterhouse near Rakaia, a small town in the Canterbury region of New Zealand. The factory tour is part of a visit program organized by the New Zealand Deer Farmers Association and the Chamber of Commerce.

German journalists have to say goodbye to several romantic ideas that still make a special dish out of every venison goulash. This includes the idea that deer are shot by the hunter. And that game served in German restaurants comes from German forests. With 6,000 tons annually, Germany is the world's largest buyer of New Zealand deer.

The venison is not the deer from the kitsch painting

It is annual hinds and philistines, i.e. young deer with unbranched antlers, who are killed in the Mountain River slaughterhouse and at some point are neatly packed and end up in a refrigerated counter. When looking at the slaughter, one cannot help but compare the life of these animals, which are kept on New Zealand's 2000 deer farms, with that of our native animals in the wild.