How are Serbian men

Relationship with a Serb?


I would like to know what you think of it ?!
I am German myself, I am absolutely not racist and have met a really nice Serb ... but my environment keeps warning me that Serbs are very jealous and possessive!
has any of you already had experiences with it?

yes that's right .. i was together with a serbian myself last year .. he wanted to keep me at home he always had something grumbling against my friends even though he didn't even know them .. so i don't like it then i broke up too .. and mine male friends were a red rag anyway ...

well i would say that not all serbs are created equal ...
Every person is different just like every German is different and every Austrian ...

you can't say exactly - find out! =)

try it out you will soon notice whether he is jealous or not ..

So I can understand you ... and I mean, just because you worry about how a relationship with a Serb would go, doesn't make you racist.
I do think that there are certain differences, simply because he was brought up differently and because he comes from a different culture. However, if he was born here in Germany and / or has open-minded parents, then it really depends entirely on the character, because then he is German (oh dear, how that sounds ... I'm sorry, but I don't know how I put it any other way should).

I once had a best friend who was also from Serbia. He grew up here, however, and is not at all jealous or possessive. He was just a friend of mine, but had feelings for me that I didn't reciprocate. So that would be reason enough to get aggressive or jealous (there are many who would be) - but not him!
So: just try, get to know him properly and then decide :)
Have fun finding out;);)

I'm out of the corner myself and can only tell you that my relatives are NOT like that! ; D every person is jealous, one more, the other less, that depends on the character of the person and not on the origin;)

That depends on the character and the personality. I would never fix something like that by nationality, they're mostly just clichés.

You are right, but many clichés prove to be true in retrospect and I prefer to think about them beforehand!
In addition, I don't know if I could ever sleep with him ... I think it's his smell - he just smells strange ... that is not meant badly or anything, but I hope you know what I mean!
I don't think I'll do anything with him ... just the fact that he constantly wants to pay me everything annoys me ... how should that be when we are together?

sorry eyeshadow nothing against you, but you are also with someone who comes from the same country as your family right?
Would you start something with a German? Without being surprised about his habits and such?! I don't think so ... strangely enough, the German girls can understand what I'm getting at!

i also think that depends on his attitude. i also know people of all possible other origins who, who knows how jealous, are jealous, that has nothing to do with it.

but it is possible that because of his culture he has different attitudes towards many things. but he doesn't have to share that with his family (:

The only bad thing is when you are already questioning everything, you are unsure and think it doesn't smell good (which can be the deodorant, washing powder, whatever), then that is not a particularly good basis for a relationship O_o in my opinion.

that is the mentality of the Serbs, each "race" has its own mentality.

You won't know without trying, so make up your own mind.

My cousin has been with a Serb for 3 years and apparently it will last forever. She can go away anyway, even without him.

You should always make up your own mind.

If you love him, it doesn't matter where he's from. And there are jealous people everywhere, just because he's Serb doesn't mean that. You can still break up, but never having tried is much worse! ;)

I've been with a serbia for 1 year and serbs are jealous too. You shouldn't have any contact with boys because you're just his princess, but that's understandable, I mean, you don't want your boyfriend to have contact with any girls and are serbs also very lovingly being caught with open arms come from serbia myself and if your friends tell something they would hit women or something that is the last thing they would do