How popular is cricket in Australia

Sports in Australia

The Australians are a people who love sports. The varied, but always pleasant climate allows you to pursue your beloved hobby all year round.

Team sports are particularly popular in Australia. The combination of social contact and physical activity inspires the Aussies. As in most of the Commonwealth of Nations, cricket is one of the country's national sports. During the hot summer months, games are played not only in the large stadiums in the country, but also on many small courts in the suburbs. What is cricket in summer is Australian rules football in winter. This team sport, only practiced in Australia, scores with simple rules and a varied game.

Whether as a player or as a spectator - it is seldom boring at an Aussie Rules Match. Rugby is also played in winter. In 2003, Australia hosted the Rugby World Cup, which gave the already popular sport a new hype. Field hockey is equally popular among men and women, which is not least due to the international success of the national teams. Netball is a team sport that is extremely popular in Australia, especially among women. In many local associations, this game, which is similar to basketball, is enthusiastically played by young and old. Football is more of a fringe sport. Although the Australian team last qualified for the World Cup finals in 2010, it was time to return home after the first round.

In the individual sports, the water sports enjoy great popularity. Most Australians live close to the sea and enjoy spending their free time on the beautiful beaches. Surfing or surfing is one of the most popular sports among Australians. The younger Aussies in particular love to ride the waves across the ocean. The currents vary depending on the beach, so beginners will find suitable waves too.
Swimming is also very popular; almost every local calls wet sport their hobby. Australian swimmers are among the best in the world, and the Australian anthem is regularly heard at world championships and Olympics. In addition to team sports, golf is one of the preferred leisure activities on land. Countless public golf courses, often in a great location by the sea, attract with cheap green fees and are therefore affordable for the average consumer.

There is hardly a sport that is not practiced down under. Apart from those mentioned, tennis, hiking, cycling, fishing or beach volleyball and many others also play a big role in daily life.

Cricket the national sport in Australia

They like to attend sporting events almost as much as they do sports themselves. The mood is usually great and team rivalries that lead to outbreaks of violence are rare.
That is why it is also recommended as a vacationer to attend one or the other sports match. In Melbourne, for example, rugby is played in summer at the MCG, the Melbourne Cricket Ground, and Australian rules football in winter. With almost 100,000 seats, the stadium is the largest in Australia. Throughout the year there are also internationally acclaimed sporting events that are worth a visit. The Australian Open, the Formula 1 Grand Prix or the Melbourne Cup, Australia's most important horse race, are absolute crowd pullers.