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22 signs your partner has too much control over your life

Sometimes we get into relationships with people who want to control us.

It's not that we did anything wrong, on the contrary, there is really something wrong with the person trying to control us.

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I am sure that over the years you have had at least one encounter with someone who wanted to control you in your relationship.

This can be frustrating and really make you feel bad because you may not know how to deal with it.

Controlling someone is not okay, and if your partner pushes your limits, you may not want to be with that person anymore.

Below, I'm going to look at some of the signs that you may be in a relationship with someone who is trying to control you.

Whether he or she is aware of it or not, these things can bring you down drastically, especially if you have no reason to be treated like a child.

While you may be overlooking some of these things, many of them go a little too far.

22 signs your partner is taking control:

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1. He's constantly criticizing you

He always uses words to make you fall. If you do something, it's wrong, and if you do it your way, you shouldn't have done it at all. Nothing you do is ever good enough.

2. He uses guilt against you

This person always makes you feel guilty for tripping you up. She wants you to do things even when you are not interested.

Sure, sometimes we have to do things that we don't want to do, but that goes too far.

3. He's very paranoid about the relationship

Your partner always makes the biggest assumptions. He's always very paranoid in general. Even the smallest thing can knock him or her over the edge.

4. He sets you apart from others

This person doesn't want you to see your friends or family without them being there.

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She wants to exclude these people from your life and does this bit by bit.

Even if you may not recognize it immediately, at some point you will find that no one is there anymore.

5. He's constantly spying on you

This person is always rummaging through your belongings and sneaking on your phone.

She's trying to catch you doing something that you shouldn't be doing for no reason. It's like there is no trust at all in the relationship.

6. He tends to overreact

This person always turns a mosquito into an elephant. She constantly overreacts to everything. Even the simplest of situations will go to hell for this person.

7. He accepts the worst

This person always accepts the worst and forbids any explanation. If something looks the way he or she thinks, it has to be. You can never get through to him or her.

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8. He always wants to argue

Your partner always wants to argue with you. You can't sit down and say things.

Every time you delve into a deep topic, he or she gets heated.

9. He always pulls you down

This person always puts you down. It pulls you down in many ways. Nothing you do is ever good enough.

10. He pressures you to do things

This person is pressuring you to use yourself in ways that you may not be comfortable with.

He or she wants you to fit in a box of what he or she thinks you should be. You are a puppet to that person.

11. He refuses to see your side of things

That person never sees things from your perspective. It's like she refuses to think beyond her own bias. You can never really get through to her.

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12. He makes you earn his trust even if you haven't done anything wrong

This person will always act like you betrayed them, even if you didn't.

It always makes you feel like you have to earn something back that you haven't lost yet. That can be pretty frustrating.

13. He doesn't respect your privacy

Your partner goes over your things without thinking twice. He or she thinks that you have no right to privacy because you are together.

That person won't care how upset they make you.

14. He doesn't leave you time for yourself

He won't allow you to spend time alone. Whenever you make your own plans, he'll show up.

You just can't get away from him, not even for a minute.

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15. He places conditions on love

He's always quick to draw the “If you love me” card. He knows that by doing this, you will do most things. That's not fair to you at all.

16. He manipulates your feelings

This person always says and does things to make you feel a certain way. He or she is manipulating your feelings. You should never let that happen.

17. It leaves you totally drained

He always makes you feel exhausted. You feel drained after dating him and you don't necessarily enjoy spending time with him anymore.

You just want some peace.

18. He always accuses you of things

Your partner always acts like you did something wrong, even when you didn't. He portrays you as a villain in all situations.

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You could sleep all day and still somehow manage to flirt with someone else.

19. He is very one-sided in everything

This person is very one-sided. It is her way or it is not her way. She is either for you or totally against you. A common basis is not possible.

20. He never lets anything go

This person holds on to a grudge like the plague. When he or she is around you can never forget anything. This person never lets go of anything, never.

21. He threatens you

This person threatens to abandon you or, in some cases, harm themselves.

Such things are not okay and shouldn't be tolerated depending on the situation. You are not a toy to step on.

22. He often marginalizes you

This person keeps driving you insane. She knows how to knock you off the edge and she doesn't care if it happens.

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She makes you feel like your head is about to explode.

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