What do you dream of achieving

“What are you dreaming of?” - Our campaign on May 5th, 2021

All people have wishes and dreams that should come true.

For many people with disabilities, however, their disabilities often make the path to fulfilling their dreams difficult. Despite positive developments, we are a long way from equality in many areas. In addition, the pandemic has pushed the self-determination of people with disabilities back into the background and thus pushed some dreams even further into the distance.

On the occasion of the European Day of Protest on Equality for People with Disabilities on May 5, 2021, we want to give people with their small and large dreams and wishes a special opportunity to have their say.

With the campaign we draw attention to the topic and publicly encourage reflection, rethinking and action.


We'll do that on May 5th.

We are planning to place advertisements on the subject in major daily newspapers in Schleswig-Holstein. In addition, our campaign also takes place online. On our Facebook channel we will show different motives, stories and dreams and let people with disabilities speak for themselves.


Would you like to take part? We are looking for supporters for the campaign. We are looking for people with big and small dreams.

People with disabilities can take part in the campaign, who would like to tell about their (unfulfilled) dreams and wishes and who would like to be photographed for the campaign. We use these photos to create the motifs that can then be seen in the newspaper and on the Internet.


We are aware that there is little time to make a decision. We are all the more pleased to be able to “be there” spontaneously.

If you are interested, please contact the Landesverband der Lebenshilfe Schleswig-Holstein, Ms. Alexandra Arnold, in writing by April 23, 2021 at this email address: [email protected]


We'll still do that.

In order to give many people the opportunity to tell about your wish or dream, we will also show it on our Facebook page in the days after May 5th. So you can send us your posts for it even after April 23. send by email. We are making the campaign even more colorful and giving it many faces!

On Facebook, the images and stories created in this way should be under the hashtags# wofonträumstdu#5th of May and#inclusion now also reach many people.

You can of course simply post the motifs yourself on your own channels. Then feel free to use the hashtags mentioned above.



What is important and what do we need from you?

If you would like to contribute to our online campaign, please send us:

  • Photo or video message in landscape format,
  • Wish or dream of the participant,
  • Name and age

by email with the subject# wofonträumstduuntilApril 28, 2021to [email protected]