What should everyone know about perfumes

10 tips on how fragrances last longer

Have you always wondered how a fragrance lasts longer? Here you get the answer!

1. Small warm-up

To intensify the scent, apply it to the pulsating and above all warm areas: behind the ear, on the wrist, the neck, the cleavage. Tip: This trick is particularly suitable for perfumes, because eau de toilettes can also evaporate much faster.

2. Cool down

Warmth intensifies, but also lets the scent exude faster. If you want the perfume to last longer, cool areas such as the earlobe are suitable. Attention insider tip: In summer the back of the knees or shoulders are particularly suitable. Applied to the back of the knee, the perfume envelops the whole body, as the scent always rises upwards. The shoulders are the outer places that are closest to the people around you.

3. Hairy affair

It's true - extra long hair also provides extra long hold for the fragrance. Hair is a good scent carrier because it binds the scent longer and gradually releases it. However, perfume also contains alcohol, which in turn can be harmful to hair. Tip: An extra portion of hair care beforehand protects the hair.

4. K (l) a rub

Especially during the first test, perfume is often sprayed on the forearm and then unfortunately rubbed in with the other. Stop! Due to the friction, the fragrance molecules of the top, heart and base notes are mixed with one another. In this way the dramaturgy of the perfume is destroyed and at the same time the intensity of the fragrance also decreases. Better to dab carefully and let the scent work in. So you can also really perceive the dramaturgy of the fragrance.

5. Timing is everything

It is there - the right time to apply perfume: ideally right after showering. The fragrance is better stored due to the residual moisture on the skin.

6. Preparing is caring

Dry skin does not retain the scent as well. So a good portion of moisture is not only good for the skin, but is also the perfect basis for better storing scents. If you have generally dry skin, you are welcome to apply another spray. Perfumes smell more intensely on oily skin and should be dosed more sparingly. Tip: Fragrance-neutral lotions support the scent without adulterating it.

7. Concentration please

The higher the concentration and quality of the fragrance oils, the longer the perfume will last. An Eau de Cologne goes by very quickly. An eau de toilette lasts up to three hours, an eau de parfum up to five hours and even longer.

8. Put in the drawer

Finely crafted and with attention to detail - bottles are often a piece of jewelry in themselves. However, one should not expose the perfume to direct sunlight. On the one hand, the fragrance loses its intensity due to the UV rays, on the other hand, heat and temperature fluctuations can even cause the perfume to tip over. In this case, pigeonhole thinking is exactly the right thing to do.

9. Nice thing

If FRAU wants a unique and extraordinary combination of perfume and jewelry - she reaches for scented jewelry. On the wrist as a bracelet or around the neck as a chain - a perfume bead made of ceramic in a filigree hollow pendant stores the scent for several days.

10. Bag (went) for more

Nobody wants to lug around the heavy and somewhat unwieldy 50 ml bottle all day. Smart solution: a pocket version of the perfume. Filled into an atomizer, you literally carry the scent with you all day.