Why are there snakes in my dreams

Dream interpretation snake

The symbol of the snake is one of the oldest in human history. The snake is already known to us from the Christian creation story.

In this she tempts Eva to do the forbidden despite all warnings and to bite the apple. In Greek mythology, it appeared as part of the Chimera: a hybrid of lion, goat and snake or dragon. Even in the literature and the film world of recent centuries, the snake motif is used to depict evil: be it in the "Jungle Book" or in the famous "Harry Potter" series. The snake is a malicious and unfortunate animal, one that stimulates the primal fears of many people. - Nevertheless, the dream symbol of the snake is by no means only to be assessed negatively. It is rarely associated with death. The snake is a very interesting symbol that has many - sometimes ambivalent - points of view in the interpretation of dreams.

Snakes have existed for millions of years; they spread in the Cretaceous Period when the dinosaurs became extinct. They developed from lizard-like animals with four legs - the legs receded. Today there are around 2,500 species of snakes worldwide, with the adder alone making up more than half of all living snakes. Since the first ancestors of humans and snakes inhabited the earth together, the relationship between these two species has been divided: the snake has always been misunderstood and feared. At the same time, it fascinates people because the snake is a very adaptable and responsive animal. In ancient Greece it was even said to have healing properties. The snake can still be found today on the symbol for the medical profession, the Aesculapian staff, around which the animal winds. Pharmacies prefer to use this image on their signs.

But besides the reptile, the snake can also mean something completely different. For example, we speak of a queue when we are stuck in a traffic jam on the motorway and a column of vehicles leads to a traffic congestion. Or when we are in a queue while shopping because the customer at the front absolutely has to pay with small change and the whole row of customers is waiting. A snake can also mean a hypocrite or a malicious woman. Sneaky like the reptile of the same name can also be two-legged ...

But what is the meaning of a snake in your dream? Is it a good omen or a bad omen? You should always consider the overall context of a dream in order to be able to understand the meaning of individual dream symbols: Even the color or the location of the snake in the dream can be decisive for a dream analysis. Did you recognize which snake it was in the dream? An otter, viper, cobra or maybe a boa? Calmly evaluate your dream, examining many different aspects if possible.

So that you can better understand and interpret your dream of the snake, we have described numerous dream situations in the following sections that can be related to snakes in a dream. If you are looking for the special Islamic dream interpretation for the "snake", you will find more about the interpretation here: Dream symbol Islam snake.

Dream symbol "snake" - the most common dreams about the symbol

The snakebite in a dream

Dream about the bite of a snake

If there is a dream about the snakebite, what matters for the interpretation is whether the dreamed snake was poisonous or non-poisonous. The bite of a poisonous snake announces jealousy and feelings of envy in the environment of the dreaming person. If a non-poisonous snake bites in a dream, there may be someone who is hostile to the dreamer and wants to harm him.

Bitten! Help, a snake caught me in a dream!

"Ouch, that hurts! A snake bites me!" Who experiences in the dream to be bitten by a snake, may have to adjust to the fact that other people do not grant the dreaming his success. These envious people could also seriously harm him. Furthermore, a snake that wants to bite also symbolizes the dreamer's wish to leave the past behind.

In hand or leg: to be bitten by the dream snake

A snakebite in the left hand announces possible conflicts within the family. If the dreaming experiences a snakebite in the right or left leg, a financial thirst could also be imminent. There may also be difficulties in a friendly relationship. The dreamer should prepare for possible problems early on in order to better cope with them.

Poor Bello ... dreaming that the snake is biting a dog

A snake that bites a dog is understood in dream research as a warning signal: The dreaming person runs the risk of being seduced. She should therefore pay close attention to the people with whom she is getting involved. It could be that someone is trying to induce her to have an affair, which could seriously damage the dreamer's relationship life.

A cat is bitten by a snake in a dream

A snake bites a cat: This dream symbol contains a strong sexual component and announces intimate situations that the dreamer or the dreamer could soon face. The sleeping person may soon get to know a new partner who will give their love life fresh impetus. However, it remains to be seen whether the affair is suitable for a steady relationship.

Zssss, a snake bites a child in the dream world

The dream situation in which a snake bites a child indicates that an expected new beginning in the life of the dreamer is initially postponed. Perhaps the beginning of a new phase of life is connected with difficulties and obstacles which the dreaming person still has to overcome. Unfortunately, the person concerned does not see these problems coming and is unpleasantly surprised by them - how good that this dream gives a clue in advance!

Dream of the snake's whereabouts

Queues everywhere! When dreams cause panic

If a lot of snakes can be seen everywhere in the dream, this can be a sign that the dreaming person gives too much space in life to their feelings and drives. She should remember that she also has to listen to her mind in order to be able to cope with her everyday life successfully. Especially at work, the dreamer could face difficulties if she lets herself be guided too much by her emotions.

Danger to children: dreams of snakes in the little ones

A snake that stays with children is interpreted according to the general dream interpretation as a sign that a new phase of life begins for the dreaming. However, this could possibly be associated with difficulties. Before the sleeper dares to start over, he should deal with feelings and experiences that he may have suppressed and that are only present in the subconscious.

Dream about the snake in the house or apartment

If the dream snake is in the house or in the apartment, this is a sign that hidden and unconscious feelings are pushing into the consciousness of the dreaming person. You should deal with these sensations and process them so that they do not become a permanent burden. If the reptile becomes a danger in your own four walls, past experiences and negative emotions are already buried deep in the subconscious.

A snake crawls around in the room - the dream analysis

Snakes in a room or in a room, for example in the living room, signal in the dream event that the dreamer is developing in her personality and discovering new sides of her character. These can also have already existed before, but are only made aware through this dream experience, shown and can then be actively promoted.

The snake in the bedroom, the sheer nightmare!

Anyone who dreams of a snake in the bedroom may process secret wishes and longings in the dream that are only present in the subconscious and only become visible in the dream experience. Also the dreaming longs for more togetherness, which is symbolized by the reptile in the dream, because this also contains a sexual component.

She's in bed, help! The snake animal as a sleeping partner

A snake in or under the bed of the dreaming indicates suppressed sexual desires which the dreaming person can possibly not satisfy in the waking life. She should seek conversation with her life partner in order to ideally improve the respective expectations of their relationship and also of their intimate life. If there is no solution here, professional couples therapy should perhaps be considered.

Have a good trip with the dream line in the car

The snake in the car is a dream symbol, which on the one hand stands for departure and dynamism, because the dreaming starts a new phase of life. On the other hand, the new beginning could be burdened by the fact that repressed negative feelings from the past still burden the dreamer and will continue to accompany him on his life journey. He should definitely deal with these emotions.

Snake in the garden. Happened in the waking and dream world

When dreaming of a snake in the garden, the dreaming person obviously wants mental balance and peace. However, she cannot find this at the moment because she senses emotions in her subconscious that she actually does not want to allow, but which still occupy her. In addition, the dreaming should beware of cheaters who could invade her private idyll and cause her great damage. If one dreams of a snake in the garden of Eden, the dream can also have a religious meaning.

In lofty heights - dream of the snake on the tree

A tree symbolizes on the one hand vitality and energy, on the other hand also a certain structure in the life of the dreamer and the tradition in which his family stands. If there is now a snake on this tree or on a branch, this can be an indication that a strange person wants to disturb the family harmony and thus could also cause considerable damage to the dreaming. In the future, he should pay attention to the places where there may be occasions for such conflicts.

Snake in the water, chuck, chuck. What your sleeping experience means

If a snake appears in the water in a dream, this is a sign that the dreaming person wants to finally break away from burdens of the past and cleanse their soul. It is also decisive for the dream interpretation how the dreaming felt when he or she dreamed of the snakes in the water. The own emotional situation allows conclusions to be drawn as to whether the dreamer can actually free himself from stressful feelings.

Trapped in a cage: the locked dream snake

If one dreams of a snake in a cage, the sleeper can assume that he is superior to his enemies and need not be afraid of them. It is possible that he will emerge victorious from a lengthy dispute and receive a lot of respect and recognition for it in his environment. A happy marriage can also be indicated by this dream symbol.

Dream of the snake in a sack

A sack is characterized by the fact that its contents are not initially visible from the outside. Therefore, the dream symbol "snake in a sack" refers to unconscious character traits of the dreaming person, which may be a bit scary to you. She should deal intensively with these characteristics in order to be able to master and control them.

There is a dream snake on or in the body

In the dream a snake crawls along the body ...

If the snake is on the body in the dream, it obviously wants to draw the dreaming person's attention to neglected parts of their personality. Perhaps the dreamer recently paid too little attention to her emotional side. She may also long for closeness and tenderness, which she only becomes aware of in the dream experience.

Help, a snake is coming out of my body! A disgusting dream

A snake comes out of the body of the dreaming: Such a dream event can be downright shocking, but holds an important message ready for the sleeper: Apparently feelings and sensations from the deepest inside of his psyche push out and want to unfold. The dreamer should listen carefully in order to correctly interpret the signals of his subconscious.

Having a snake on your back: the dream interpretation

If the dreamer sees a snake on her back, she should be prepared for the fact that people close to her are apparently hiding something from her or maybe even betraying her. Stress and stress in everyday life can also be expressed by this dream symbol. A little break would certainly do the dreaming good to reconsider their current situation in life.

Warmer than any scarf ... The dream snake wraps around your neck

A dream in which the snake hugs the neck of the dreaming person can on the one hand express great familiarity and closeness. Then the reptile symbolizes a person whom the dreaming knows and appreciates well. On the other hand, the dream symbol "snake entwined" is also a sign of narrowness and foreign determination. Perhaps the dreamer feels that too often he has to orientate himself to the needs of others.

Something is creeping in the throat! The horror dream of the snake

If something is proverbial "gets stuck in the throat", this is usually not a good sign. The dream research interprets the dream image of the snake in the throat as a sign of a mental burden of the dreaming. This can have been caused by traumatic experiences in the past, which the dreaming person has never properly processed. The associated feelings push outside, but still the dreaming can not clearly confess to them.

Like a turban: having a snake on your head in a dream

Having a snake on your head can seem very strange at first. The dream symbol tells the dreaming, however, that he has a strong will to persevere, which allows him to get through difficult phases of life. He can rely on his own strength and will not be discouraged by slight setbacks. The living headgear in the dream is therefore to be understood positively throughout!

Hear hear! To dream of a snake in your ear

The snake in the ear is in the dream world an invitation to the dreamer to listen more to his feelings. Maybe his partner has missed his emotional side a lot recently and wants more tenderness and closeness. The dreaming should therefore ask himself what he felt from the snake in the ear during the dream.

How disgusting! "Snake in the mouth" as a dream experience

Of course, it happens more often that small animals like insects get lost in human mouths, especially when we are outdoors in summer. Then you often have your mouth full of flies or mosquitoes. Having a whole snake in your mouth, on the other hand, is probably only conceivable in the dream world. Often times, when one dreams of pulling a snake out of the mouth, this alerts the dreamer of his repressed sexual desires.

Holding a snake in your hand - a dream to overcome?

If you hold a snake in your hand in the dream, the dreaming person may become aware of their previously suppressed feelings and possibly also their sexual needs, which were previously hidden in the subconscious. She regards these sensations as valuable objects and may understand how important they are to her personal well-being.

Digested well? Dream of the snake in your stomach

A snake in the stomach tells the dreamer to pay more attention to certain parts of her personality. This applies in particular to their emotional, drive-controlled side, i.e. all areas of life that are related to deep feelings and sexuality. The dream symbol can thus represent an invitation to listen more to your gut feeling and not to neglect your love life.

The dream snake is in the bottom

The snake in the bottom is a dream image that can initially cause disgust and disgust. The dreaming person apparently tries to free himself from stressful memories, which he does not completely succeed. She should first try to understand the negative sensations so that she can then break away from them and process them. In case of doubt, external help is required.

The animal snakes under the skin. Terrible, the dream!

If the snake is under the skin in the dream, this dream symbol refers the dreaming to his relationship to his fellow human beings. It could be that they are hiding things that are important to him or that they are trying to deceive him.However, the dreamer should also critically question his own attitude towards his circle of friends; perhaps he recently neglected him a little.

The colors of the snake: a colorful dream

Like a rainbow - the colorful snake in a dream

The color of the snake is of great importance in the proper interpretation of the dream. If the dreamed snake was very colorful, there were obviously many different feelings involved in this dream experience, which the dreaming person should first recall. If the positive feelings predominate, the colorful snake indicates successful projects.

Black as the night. The gloomy snake from sleep

The color black is often interpreted negatively, but in dream research it also stands for creativity and inventiveness. However, to dream of a black snake is a sign that the dreaming person is dealing with the dark, terrifying sides of their personality. That she is doing this and not trying to suppress these character traits is again a hopeful signal.

Innocent and pure? The white snake in a dream

White is a color that is often associated with purity and innocence, but also vulnerability. However, if the dreaming sees a white snake in front of him, he should be particularly attentive: Maybe someone is fooling him into an alleged helplessness, while he just wants to deceive the dreamer and take advantage of his helpfulness.

Dream of the poison green snake

The dream symbol "green snake" shows that the dreaming is a cheerful and hopeful person who is not discouraged by setbacks. Her inner balance and serenity help the dreamer to rely on her own strengths and not to let other people influence her. The dreamed bite of a green snake, on the other hand, signals that the sleeping person may be “ambushed” in the waking world. Someone is trying to damage reputation and honor.

If the green snake is big, the dreaming has in reality the feeling that he is not treated as equally as other people. The person can also feel cheated, perhaps about the right recognition. As a dream animal, a little green snake often announces trouble: There are people who want to harm the person affected or who treat them disparagingly. These can be envious people and competitors in the job - you should be careful with whom you blaspheme about whom during the break and who you confide in.

A blue snake appears in the dream event

If the dreamed snake is blue, it first symbolizes the mental balance and the inner calm of the dreaming person. The color blue can, however, also express the exact opposite, namely psychological problems and inner fears that burden the life of the dreaming. For a correct interpretation of this dream symbol, the concrete life situation of the dreaming person and their emotional state during the dream are decisive.

The yellow dreamed snake

A snake that is yellow, according to the general dream interpretation, represents feelings of envy that other people feel towards the dreamer. Maybe he has made himself a little unpopular in his environment lately. However, a snake in the color yellow can also remind the dreaming of his possibly existing own egoism. He should keep in mind that material prosperity is not everything in life.

A warning sign? The red dream snake

Red is basically a signal color. A red snake stands in dream events for passion, emotionality and belligerence. In addition, she points out to the dreaming person that possibly secret sexual desires slumber inside her, which she however cannot or does not want to live out. Maybe she's a little dissatisfied with her relationship at the moment.

Curled or spotted: dream of a red and black snake

According to the general dream interpretation, a red-black snake indicates that the dreaming person is dealing with parts of their personality that are rather unpleasant to them. Precisely for this reason, she apparently also feels strong emotional impulses and passionate feelings, which the dreamer should live out temporarily as long as she has them under control.

The snake in the dream is black-yellow

If the dreamed snake has a black-yellow color, this dream animal refers to a mental imbalance in the dreamer. The lack of balance can be caused by feelings of envy and general dissatisfaction. Perhaps the dreaming should orientate himself less to other people and their successes, but consider what would actually make him happy and satisfied.

To recognize a purple snake in a dream, unbelievable!

A purple snake is on the one hand a sign that the dreaming person longs for change in life and would like to experience new things. On the other hand, the unusually colored animal symbolizes inner balance and peace of mind. Both aspects of the dream symbol can be brought into harmony if the dreaming focuses on their individual needs and desires.

Dream of a pink or pink snake

If the dreamer sees a pink snake in front of her, she obviously longs for love and affection. Your loved one may be behaving a bit distant and dismissive at the moment, so that you become aware of these desires in a dream. A similar interpretation suggests itself if one dreams of a pink snake. Then the dreaming person may long for the happy times of their childhood and youth or they may dream of the perfect, everlasting love, which however is difficult to find.

Seeing a brown snake in a dream

We only associate a few positive things with the color brown. In dream research, however, a snake which is colored brown represents an important warning signal. It tells the dreaming that he should beware of false hopes and excessive expectations. It is possible that people who are familiar with him want to deceive or even deceive him. In any case, the dreamer should act a little more carefully in the near future, otherwise he could get into dangerous situations.

A gray snake plays a part in my dream

A snake in the color gray signals to the dreaming that he has a tendency to melancholy and black painting. He should value the good things in life more and try to see something positive in disappointments and defeats. In order to make the dreamer's life more interesting and less monotonous, new acquaintances and contacts would certainly be helpful.

The dreamed snake is orange in color

A snake that - like the fruit of the same name - is orange in color appears very exotic. The orange scallop reptile therefore also symbolizes the longing of the dreaming person for distant countries in which they can make new discoveries. In addition, an orange-colored snake stands for exuberance and joie de vivre as well as for secret sexual desires.

Two, three or more snakes appear in a dream

Two snakes and their dream symbolism

The dream of the 2 snakes warns the dreaming of people in his environment who may not mean it well with him. Friends or close confidants could also want to harm him. This dream interpretation is especially to be used when the two snakes are fighting with each other.

But if the two snakes are a couple that behave very harmoniously, the dreamer can probably hope for support if he should find himself in a difficult situation. However, he will probably have to offer something in return for this assistance.

All good things come in threes - even with dream snakes

If three snakes appear in the dream experience, the animal trio symbolizes perfection and satisfaction. The dreaming person can hope that a long cherished wish is finally put into practice or becomes reality. In the professional field too, a great success will soon be achieved if you dream of 3 snakes.

Dream of four snakes

A dream situation in which 4 snakes can be seen indicates a special order and stability in the life of the dreamer. Apparently, he has found his place in life and achieved all the goals he set when dreaming of four snakes. However, the dreaming should provide a little variety every now and then so that his life does not become too monotonous.

See several snakes in a dream

Several or especially many snakes in the dream indicate to the dreaming person that in this situation he encounters some emotional impulses which he represses in the waking life and does not allow himself to be approached. In the dream she has the opportunity to deal with these sensations. Perhaps the dreaming can also give her life new impulses in this way.

Different types of snakes - interpretation of dreams

Seeing an anaconda snake in a dream

An anaconda is a snake that prefers to stay in humid regions and rivers. If you meet such a snake in a dream, it is helpful for a precise dream interpretation if you remember the concrete situation in which the anaconda appeared to you. If she was in the water, for example in a stream, you might want to free yourself from stressful feelings and dare to start again.

The boa: A dream animal from the giant snake family

To see in a dream a snake that belongs to the boas family can be a very impressive, but also frightening dream experience, after all, boas are among the world's largest snakes. Perhaps the dreamer feels constricted or controlled by others. He may also find other people in his environment to be so dominant that they take away the proverbial air to breathe.

Dream of a cobra snake

Meeting a cobra in a dream is a scary process, because the dreamer may feel hypnotized and no longer as the master of his own will. Possibly the dreaming person is plagued by deep seated fears, which have a paralyzing effect on them. As a result, she can no longer make her own decisions because she is afraid of everything. The dreaming should consider how she can overcome these fears.

Is the python snake a dangerous dream symbol?

If the dreamed snake is a python, the dreamer might want to run away from it. The dream symbol admonishes the dreaming, however, not to flee from his problems, but to face them very consciously and to look for solutions. In addition, a python in a dream can also announce possible losses in the business area.

The poisonous viper-snake in a dream, be careful!

The viper or otter is one of the most poisonous snakes in the world. If she appears in a dream, she admonishes the dreamer to be particularly careful. He could soon make acquaintances with people who are not at all well-disposed towards him, but want to harm him in the long term. Such people could possibly also be found in the circle of friends of the dreaming. Is there perhaps a special occasion why his friends want to harm the dreamer?

Snakes and other animals in a dream

See snake & dog together in a dream

If a snake and a dog appear together in a dream, the dreaming person should understand this as a warning signal. She has to be careful not to be seduced, because this danger could well threaten her. As a dream symbol, the adder stands for sexual desires and the art of seduction. However, if the dog succeeds in the dream to assert itself against the reptile, the danger is also averted for the dreaming.

The snake and the cat as a dream duo

The encounter of a snake with a cat in the dream often symbolizes sexual needs of the dreaming and the possibly secret wish to start an affair. But the cat, with its predictive wisdom and cleverness, will likely save the dreamer from such risky actions so that he does not endanger his long-term relationship. If the person is single, the love affair will perhaps end in emotional chaos - snake and cat also warn against this as a duo in a dream.

Snake and crocodile in a dream - a dangerous station wagon?

Both the snake and the crocodile stand for the instinctual side and the lower instincts of the dreaming person. If they appear together in a dream event, this could indicate that the dreamer vacillates between two opposing emotions and is inwardly torn apart by them. This dream interpretation is especially likely if the snake and crocodile fight with each other in a dream.

Dreaming of a snake and a rat

To dream about a snake and a rat indicates that the dreamer should behave especially carefully in the future. According to the general interpretation of dreams, the rat is an important warning signal. It signals to the dreaming that a danger for him could possibly threaten, which is symbolized in the dream by the snake.

Snake and spider, one nightmare!

A dream in which a snake and a spider appear together can be especially frightening. Both can be poisonous animals, so that the dreaming person may have to prepare for dangerous situations. The behavior of snakes and spiders can also be helpful for dream interpretation: Did they fight with each other or were they particularly aggressive?

The dream snake and the worm. A couple that look alike?

A snake and a worm can certainly appear together in a dream. The dreamer should then beware of people around him who want to take advantage of his helplessness in a certain situation. The sleeper should consider when he feels rather weak and awkward and why this could be. Are the goals in life achievable? Is the health stable?

People and snakes - a special dream experience

Dream about the child with a snake

Who sees a snake and a child in a dream, has to be prepared for the fact that a positive new beginning in the life of the dreaming person is still a bit long in coming or is endangered by external influences. It can also be strangers who want to seduce the dreamer into risky and rash actions.

Seeing the mother together with a snake in a dream

If the own mother appears in the dream together with a snake, the dreamer may have neglected her feminine side a little too much recently. If men experience such a dream situation, they may fear that a female caregiver will leave them and they will suddenly be on their own. This can be the current partner in addition to the mother - is the relationship tense at the moment? A conversation about your own fear of loss may help here.

Special features of the dreamed snake

Thick and thin snakes in a dream

A particularly thick snake indicates in the dream that the dreaming person follows their instincts and passions too much and disregards their reason. Whenever logic or reason advises against an action, the "gut feeling" is followed instead - unfortunately this is not necessarily the right decision. If, on the other hand, the dreamed snake is very thin, this can be a warning signal of sneakiness and false promises from others.

Light and dark snakes in dream symbolism

Those who see a bright snake in a dream can rely on the fact that their wisdom and intelligence will help them to successfully cope with even difficult situations. A dark snake points out to the dreamer that hidden feelings push into his consciousness, which he is rather uncomfortable, but which he still has to face.

The transparent snake in a dream

A dream in which a transparent and therefore invisible snake appears as a kind of ghost - almost like a delicate, transparent snake skin, without bones, muscles and organs, seems particularly peculiar. This dream symbol has a warning function, because it tells the dreaming that invisible dangers could lurk, which the dreamer does not yet perceive. She should go through life a little more cautiously in the near future.

To dream of a coiled snake

A curled up or coiled up snake signals to the dreaming person that there are people in her environment who have secrets from her that they also do not want to reveal. The dreaming should ask why someone would like to hide something from him or her. Unfulfilled needs in love matters can also be expressed through this rolled dream animal.

Seeing a long line in a dream - wow!

If the dreamed snake is exceptionally long, the dreamer obviously feels many repressed emotions and desires within himself, which now - initially in sleep - push outwards. The dreaming should deal more intensely with these feelings and desires.It is also possible that a friendship could unexpectedly turn into enmity.

Dream of a giant snake

A particularly large or giant snake such as an anaconda can look terrifying and dangerous. In the dream event, she admonishes the dreaming person to be particularly careful in the awake life, because difficulties could soon be imminent. These problems can relate to both private and professional life. So it would be good at the moment to go through the world with open eyes.

Warning, this dream snake is poisonous!

If the dreaming encounters a poisonous snake, for example an adder, this indicates that in reality he has to fight with unsolved problems and possibly also relationship conflicts. Similar to a snake poison, these things paralyze the dreaming person in their professional and private everyday life. She should deal with it seriously in order to overcome the blockage.

Headless and really scary: dreams of headless snakes

A dream about a headless snake can be especially nauseating. The dream symbol "snake head off" can be interpreted positively. To cut off the head of the snake says to the dreaming that he has finally conquered dark forces which have worked inside him. Although these uncanny powers still appear in the dream in the form of the decapitated snake, they can no longer harm the dreamer.

To see a snake without teeth in a dream

If one dreams of a snake without teeth, there is no cause for alarm. The toothless pangolin merely signals to the dreaming person that someone is fooling them into believing that there is a special danger, but that this actually does not exist at all. Perhaps someone wants to scare the dreamer or just to draw attention to himself.

Dream of the water snake

A water snake or an eel is a dream image that indicates the successful management of problems and crises. Through the purifying power of water, the dreamer will also free himself from stressful feelings and can start a new phase of life unencumbered. However, he should also not become cocky and bear in mind that new dangers could threaten at any time.

Experience a particularly tame snake in a dream