How does your bedroom smell

Everyday question | Why does it smell in the morning
in the bedroom?

Almost everyone knows this ...

You wake up in the morning and notice an unpleasant smell in the bedroom. What's behind it?

Dr. Hans-Günter Weeß (55), sleep expert and author (“Sleep works wonders”, Droemer Verlag, 16.99 euros): “There are various reasons. Sometimes a non-ventilated bedroom is due to the increased CO2 content in the air. Because we use just as much oxygen while sleeping as we do when we are awake. "

And: People sweat up to a liter of fluid while sleeping. This will then move into the pajamas, duvet cover and mattress. If the bedroom is not well ventilated at night, the warm, humid air ensures that there is “munching” in the morning.

Therefore, in addition to a sufficient supply of fresh air at night, it is important to regularly put on fresh bed linen and to ventilate sufficiently during the day. If you don't necessarily want to sleep with the window open, you should at least open the bedroom door.

Dr. Hans-Günter Weeß: “I recommend ventilating vigorously every day and changing bed linen and sleeping clothes once a week. In this way you prevent mites or other animals from spreading in your beds. "