Why should I respect a porn star

Help, my partner wants to film us having sex - that's how it works

Porn consumption is booming - especially amateur films are becoming increasingly popular, according to a study by the online portal Pornhub.com. So what could be more obvious than to record your skills on tape yourself? What you should be aware of.

According to the Sexreport 2017, almost every second person likes to watch their partner satisfy their sexual desires - after all, this is the ideal foreplay. With your own, private porn movie, you can indulge your lust again and again - even when your partner is not there. Another benefit is that this little sex experiment can rekindle your lust in a completely different way - after all, it's an exciting experience that lets you see your partner from a different angle. You don't necessarily have to upload it to the Internet. But maybe you are just curious ("How do I look during sex?") Or want to give yourself or your partner something to turn on.

But before you equip your bedroom with the latest technology, you should know that you only get these advantages if you and your partner trust and respect each other completely and agree that private porn (also called sextape) is only available is for personal use. Because a "Hey darling, for your birthday I'll give you a sextape that I secretly shot from us" does not go down well with everyone.

A porn shoot is not spontaneous

Do you both feel like it? Then it can go. But be aware of a few pitfalls:

Discuss the basics in advance and think about a small process. Also, always be aware that a master has not yet fallen from heaven. Even if you've been sleeping together for years and your intercourse is fairly routine, the situation will be completely different once the camera is pointed at you. Every beginning is difficult.

You don't have to act particularly acrobatically in the film or moan unusually loud and noticeable. Try to be yourself, hide the cameras and focus on sex with your partner. And if it doesn't work the first time, then maybe the second or third time. It doesn't have to be an Oscar-worthy movie, it just has to make you want more while watching it - even if it's just remembering it. Because in contrast to (professional) porn, you know that everything was real with you - the goosebumps, the excitement, the lust and the moans. And that makes your own sextape so much better than a sex film with actors.

Are you feeling insecure about the camera? Then let it stand for now, but do not switch to recording. When you're ready, just turn on the record button. The wearing of masks or the dimming of light can also be disinhibited. The more comfortable they both feel, the better the lighting can get. Filming each other brings additional tingling.

"I am a porn star!"

If you are the happy owner of your own little private sex movie, it is important not to peddle it - even if you are proud as a bog and are still bursting with adrenaline. Keep this little sparkling secret to yourself. Because as soon as you tell others about it, everything can backfire very quickly.

According to a survey by Statista GmbH, seven percent of women and 15 percent of men have already filmed themselves having sex with their partners. The number of unreported cases will certainly be higher. Because many do not want to admit that they watch porn or even make it themselves.

Not everyone is into sex films

The important thing is: Don't let yourself be forced into anything. Doing some private porn with your sweetheart is not a token of love. Do not exceed your comfort limit if you do not want to yourself. However, if the idea arouses your curiosity, you can start off gently - with nude photos, for example. To protect your personality, take the photo so that your face is not visible. The next step could be a video of you masturbating - preferably filmed so that only certain parts of your body can be seen and noises and your moans can be heard. Your viewer can then imagine the rest. This stimulates his / her imagination and at the same time protects you in case the tape falls into the wrong hands.

Jennifer Buchholz, Editor at t-online.de, writes in her column "Lust, Vice, Love" about love, partnership and sex.