Do you have any money in your wallet?

5 tips for a slim wallet

What are wallets for? To keep your money safe, of course! Well, cards are an integral part of wallets these days. Still, there are far too many purses that are bursting at the seams. The owners are getting more and more creative and surprise with the most unusual content of their wallet. So it's time to read our 5 tips for a narrow wallet imagine what the life of big wallets should end once and for all. Here you can find out what you should really have in your wallet and what is better not to.

But before we give you our tips, here is the ultimate 3-step guide for a slim wallet

Step 1: empty your wallet

It may well have been a while since you last sorted your wallet out. It's not bad, but it's all the more important that you do it right now. And it's not that difficult at all! take the complete contents of the wallet and put it on the table: bills, coins, receipts, cards, ID cards, condoms, jewelry, chips, labels and, and, and. Don't forget a compartment and make sure that your wallet is really empty. Once you have done that, you are ready for step 2.

Step 2: Throw away your old, fat wallet

You heard right! Just throw away your wallet, give it away or put it in the closet. One thing is for sure - you will never use or miss it again. The only thing that conventional wallets can do is to keep one thing and that unnecessary stuff in the most bulky space and make your everyday life difficult. Now if you put your mucked out utensils back in your old wallet, you can repeat this ceremony every week and that's pretty annoying. In addition, little will change in the thickness of your wallet because conventional purses are made from the ground up to be yours Lose thinness quickly. For example, there is an extra leather compartment for each card.

Step 3: Buy a space wallet and enjoy your new life

Choose one of ourMini wallet models in your favorite color and order it directly. Then you take your 15 most important cards and IDs and put them in the elastic band. Bills are folded twice and placed in the designated compartment between cards and coins and coins go into the coin compartment of your new wallet. Problem solved!

Ok, jokes aside! Even if a space wallet is certainly the easiest and most effective solution for a thin wallet, you will find out now more tipshow to keep your wallet as small as possible.

# 1: Empty your coins

This is the most common cause of big wallets. If you regularly sort out your coins, your wallet will be visibly thinner. Many pay with bills out of convenience, even though they have enough change with them. This quickly creates a large amount of coins that can burst your wallet. So take your coins out of your wallet and toss them into your piggy bank. So yours stays Wallet narrow and at the same time you save money.

# 2: Purses are no quarter for receipts or receipts

Extremely annoying and yet widespread - receipts between the bills. Those days are really over! There are many helpful appsthat you can install on your smartphone. There you can record your payments and receipts and receipts do not even have the chance to get into the territory of your wallet. In addition, it avoids rubbish and is more resource-efficient.

# 3: out with condoms, jewelry & co.

Aside from making your wallet thick, condoms can get through other items in the wallet damaged become. The temperature differences are also not good for the sensitive contraceptives. And to all women: necklaces, pendants and earrings have no place in your wallet either. In general, keep jewelry in the designated cases, even if it is only for a short time. There they are safe from damage and dirt.

# 4: prioritize your cards

In addition to the most important cards that everyone should have with them (ID card, bank card and driver's license), you should Secondary cards establish. These cards can be library or gym membership cards, gift cards that you want to use soon, the organ donation card, or loyalty cards. Decide for yourself which cards are important to you. Make sure you only select as many cards as your wallet can hold. Business cards, expired bonus cards or membership cards are thrown away or stay at home.

# 5: Passport stays at home

Passports are not only excessively large, but also completely unnecessary in the wallet. It is true that ID is required, but an ID card is completely sufficient in Germany. In addition, there is a possible loss both documents disappeared from the purse. It is better to keep your passport in a safe place at home until your next trip.

That really belongs in every wallet

1. Cards

Since you are required to provide ID in Germany, the Identity card definitely not be absent. Also the Driver's license belongs in every wallet, if available. It should always be at hand during a traffic check. Also are Bank cards and Credit cards of course also an integral part of every wallet

2. Cash

Even if people are increasingly paying with cards and many shops no longer accept cash, it is still important to always have cash with you. How much cash you should have in your wallet depends on many factors and is individual from person to person. On the one hand, you should weigh up the larger one danger with large sums of money and on the other handexpenditure to run to the bank all the time for small amounts of money.

To your requirement To assess better, ask yourself the following questions: What purchases have to be made in cash? Are you planning a major shopping tour? Do I eat at home or out? In general, € 50 is a rough guide. At to travel is of course different, since withdrawing cash is associated with costs. Don't put too much cash in your pocket, especially when you're on vacationTravel purse. Always keep a large part safely in your accommodation.

3. RFID cards

Since almost all cards - from bank cards to identity cards to insurance cards - are now equipped with RFID technology, we urgently recommend a corresponding oneRFID protection for the wallet. Often there are specialRFID cards used, which shield your cards from the front and back against external reading. There are 2 additional cards in your wallet, but they are extremely important for your security.