Is Murthal safe for girls

What do young girls want for their future, what does the young female generation need in order to feel comfortable in the country?

Wednesday 19th December 2018

The girls project Mädchen.Murau.Murtal (M3) is a regional participation project, launched and supported by the regional youth management as well as by the NOVUM center for women and girls and MAFALDA - the association for the promotion and support of girls and young women. The project aims to give the young female residents a voice and to put them at the center. The results of the two participating schools - FS Großlobming and FS Feistritz have now been presented.

The desire for retreat rooms only for girls was expressed in Feistritz, a girls' café that, in addition to a coffee house atmosphere, also offers the opportunity to find out about the further career path or what talents one has. You just want opportunities to find out more, to withdraw and to develop further. Maybe it will be a mobile girls' café in the form of a bright red bus. The regional actors have promised to pursue this issue further. One can be curious.

In Großlobming, topics such as violence, regional products and honesty with one another as well as animal welfare were the focus. The girls raised their voices in an impressive way by means of rehearsed theater sketches and presented their wishes and ideas for Upper Styria West to those responsible for the region.

This project is funded as a LEADER project within the framework of the program for the development of rural areas LE 2014-2020 with funds from the European Union, the federal government and the state of Styria. LEADER is handled by the regional department of the state of Styria as the state responsible body.

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