Is Botswana a great country to visit

10 reasons why Botswana is the best country ever!

1. Elephants, elephants, elephants!

Almost 130,000 elephants live in Botswana - most of them in the north of the country. Huge herds can be found on the Chobe River during the dry season - an incredible sight for tourists from all over the world! Elephant poaching is still a big problem in many neighboring states, so that Botswana is slowly but surely becoming the last stronghold for the gray giants. They know where they are safe.












2. Two words: Okavango Delta.

The Okavango Delta is located in the north-west of Botswana - an area characterized by rivers and their floodplains, grasslands and islands. The delta is our personal definition of paradise on earth, with a huge biodiversity and a great selection of traditional bush camps, from whose piers you can discover the magic of the delta.



3. Botswana prohibits trophy hunting and elephant riding.

Animals live a sheltered life in Botswana and all tourists are allowed to shoot here are photos. In 2017, the country also banned elephant riding - a dodgy tourist attraction that is very painful for elephants. Thumbs up, Botswana!

We also choose the areas and reserves that we visit with our guests based on their “wildness”. Our motto is very clearly “Quality, not quantity.” We love areas in which only one or two lodges are located. Conversely, this means: The animals are completely wild - we are not in the zoo.

Of course, like everyone else, we love the big mega-mammals that can only be found in Africa (after all, that's what you come to Africa for) - but we're not just into the BIG 5 (lion, elephant, rhinoceros, leopard, buffalo) focused. The African bush has so much more to offer. We want to open your eyes to all the beauty that can be found out here - whether big or small.

4. Kubu Island.

In the extremely flat area of ​​the Makgadikgadi salt pans, there is only one point that breaks through nothing: massive pebble rocks form a suurreal island overgrown by baobabs, which promises absolute paradise for landscape and night sky photographers. We love to watch a full moon rise here.


5. Hardly any fences

Wildlife can roam freely in Botswana. Many of the national parks - especially those in the north - have no fences. Animals can even move beyond national borders - which allows them to cross the African savannah and follow migration routes that they have been using for hundreds of years ... Then again: Why should the animals want to move anywhere else at all?

6. Low population.

Guess how many people live in Botswana? Just over 2 million. Wow. The city of Berlin alone has more. And so you can experience the wild side of the country, without a lot of traffic, but with lots of animals! And by the way: The people who live in Botswana are some of the friendliest and funniest people we have ever met!

7. Quality not quantity.

We admit: Botswana is not the cheapest option when it comes to a vacation in Africa - but for good reason! The country believes in the motto: quality instead of quantity. Yes, you might pay a little more, but you get less for that ... wait a minute? How now, less? - Less crowds. More wilderness. Contact us anyway if your budget is a little lower - together we will make a plan.

8. Animal welfare is very important here!

The government of Botswana is very involved in the protection of animals and species in the country. Even the Botswana military was engaged in the fight against poachers - which is why Botswana is one of the safest countries for wild animals!

9. The Kalahari

Dry, dusty, endless and wide - the Kalahari is certainly not on every traveler's bucket list. But as one of the great deserts in the world, the Kalahari is the absolute dream destination for real adventurers like hardly any other place in Africa! It is home to many of the rare desert animals that are otherwise difficult to marvel at and that have adapted perfectly to this harsh environment.

10. Okwa.

Some of the best and friendliest people we have ever met live in Botswana - one of them in particular is the symbol of a hospitable and wild Botswana: Our local guide and good friend Okwa Sarefo - born on a small island in the Okavango Delta, infatuated with the wilderness of his homeland, a true gentleman and experienced guide! Seeing this multifaceted country through your eyes is an unforgettable experience - and one that we would like to recommend to you from the bottom of our hearts.