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Ultra-light trekking food homemade

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Pack on, put the water in, wait, enjoy.
Ready meals, Astronaut food, sachet soups, muesli with milk powder. This is what everyday culinary life looks like for most long-distance hikers who roam through lonely areas with their tents.
After a long day in the mountains, meadows and forests it is also common pretty much doesn't matter what comes on the stove. The main thing is that it fills the stomach as fast as possible and fills you up.
When I started longer tours without refreshment stops and shopping opportunities I quickly realized that I was going to leave make my own food wanted. Well, it is a little more complex than simply going to the supermarket or outdoor store and loading the shopping basket with freeze-dried ready-made food. However, there is easy for me way too many benefits compared to purchased products.

Homemade Thai coconut soup

ingredients - Cheese noodles, Asian snacks, mushroom cream soup ... The cheap products from the supermarket are full of a lot. Most of it is poorly nutritious or healthy. Flavor enhancers, colorings, artificial flavors. If you put together your hiking meal yourself, you will know exactly what is in it. This is of course particularly relevant if you have allergies or intolerances, or if you are vegetarian or vegan.
taste- “Doesn't taste that bad ...” That wasn't enough for me. After a hiking tour I want to eat something that is really tasty and that contains exactly what I like.
price- That is perhaps one of the biggest arguments. Ready-made products from the supermarket are cheap, but full of unnatural additives. The freeze-dried trekking food from the outdoor stores often does not contain artificial ingredients, but is incredibly expensive. My self-made trekking meal usually only costs between 1 and 2 euros per serving.
fun- I am always happy. Thinking about recipes, buying ingredients, tinkering and trying, packing and labeling and of course the grand finale on tour: I'm sitting in front of the tent, birds are chirping, bumblebees hum and in front of me a delicious meal that I have put together from scratch and now happily shovel into me.

Cooking in the hut

Delicious, easy and quick should be my trekking food. I don't feel like lugging around a whole spice cabinet or all of my kitchen equipment.
That's why my dishes are all already individually packed in Ziploc bags and hot water can be poured over them directly in the bag. This saves me doing the dishes and lots of dishes. (However, there are fears that the hot water will loosen pollutants from the plastic. Similar to what can be the case with drinks from plastic bottles. The bags I recommended above are, however, suitable for withstanding temperatures of up to 90 degrees and still be food safe. You have to decide for yourself whether you trust this information.)

Couscous on break

Great! A bar of chocolate a day, a couple of handfuls of nuts, then a good portion of pasta in the evening. When hiking you can caloric really long.
And that's exactly the real problem if you want to make your trekking meal yourself. You have to try really hard as many calories as possible as easily as possible put together. This is natural very individual, so my recipes are only a guideline. I'm trying, to achieve between 600 - 800 kcal with every dinner. You can adjust them to suit your needs. The longer the tour, the higher the energy supply should be. You can get most of the calories from snacks like nuts and candy bars. So do not hold back when it comes to trekking food. Your body needs the energy!

In the ultra-light kitchen

I mix my dishes for trekking various (dried) ingredients. The advantage of this is that you have 10,000,000 options and can really let off steam. But I recommend you your latest own creations before the tour to test so that you don't sit on the mountain disappointed and the dinner doesn't taste good.

Test dinner on the sofa at home

TIP: Filled in a mason jar, the dishes are also ideal for lunch in the office. All you need is hot water and you have a warm, cheap and delicious meal.

Basic ingredients for happy mixing

fast pasta (max. 2-3 minutes cooking time,
e.g. from the Asia shop: egg noodles, rice noodles, glass noodles)