Why are some Pakistani girls white

Wall of silence : Pakistani Muslims raped English girls

Britain's child protection police will be looking into the allegations that have sparked a heated debate in the UK. While 80 percent of sex offenders in prisons are white British, the newspapers are now full of reports of organized gangs of Pakistani Muslims systematically using white girls as "sex slaves". According to reports in the "Times", the police and authorities have long known about this "systematic mistreatment" but did nothing for fear of playing into the hands of right-wing extremists.

Now the special unit "Ceops" should touch the hot iron, confirmed the Interior Ministry. The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Center, in which police, social workers and school experts work together, has already made a name for itself in uncovering international pedophile rings. The Times had taken a trial against Pakistanis in Nottingham as an opportunity to break the taboo: While most trial reports, according to British custom, made no reference to the skin color, ethnic or religious affiliation of the defendants Mohammed Liaqat and Abid Saddique, it stopped Dossier on 17 similar processes in 13 cities. In all of them, two or more men were convicted of submitting girls to attention, candy, driving in fancy cars, and drugs, and then referring them to other men for sex acts. 53 men were convicted. Almost all of them were of Pakistani descent. Almost all of the victims were white girls.

The "Times" spoke of a "conspiracy of silence". Child protection experts have long known about the "pattern of crime". But until now it is controversial whether the origin of the perpetrators is relevant to the crime. The "Times" says: yes. “To stop these crimes, you have to talk about them. But no one wants to say publicly that Brits of Pakistani origin raise young white girls in some parts of our country and pass them around among their relatives for sex, ”a senior police officer is quoted as saying.

In addition to the two gang leaders, eleven other men were charged in the Nottingham trial. The masterminds presented themselves as pious, family-loyal Muslims, but in their silver BMW they had vodka under their seats and cocaine in the glove compartment. In the city of Derby, they spoke to girls at bus stops or train stations, the youngest victim was twelve years old. First they showered the girls with attention, then they were raped in hotel rooms or parks. Sex scenes were filmed and shared with cell phones. “They treated young people with a complete lack of humanity and respect,” said the judge at the verdict, during which the far-right “English Defense League” demonstrated in front of the court against “Muslim pederasts”. The main perpetrators received indefinite prison sentences.

The problem is the contrast between Pakistan's strict sexual morals and the customs of young English women. The perpetrators are men who jealously watch over the virginity of their sisters and daughters, but consider western girls to be "whores" when they only had one boyfriend.

Former Labor Interior Minister Jack Straw became unusually clear when he described the situation of young Pakistani Britons who live in a permissive society and are bursting with testosterone. "Girls of Pakistani descent are taboo to them, while white girls see them as cheap meat." There were two such trials in his constituency, Blackburn.

Mohammed Shafik, director of the Muslim youth organization Ramadhan Foundation, accused his fellow believers of “blatant racism”. “They believe that white girls are less moral and less valuable. They also believe that white girl abuse is not taken seriously in their own community. ”Shafik calls for Muslims to treat white teenagers with the same respect as Muslim girls. But that means that Muslims would be banned from practically any affair with a non-Muslim girl - which others argue would be just as racist.

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