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Mary Stuart

Clarissa, you may not be here, but thank you. You saved Simon's life. And I suspect mine too. I used to feel alone here, but I don't anymore and I hope you don't either.

Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland and France

Mary Stuart is the wife of King Francis, and therefore Queen of Scotland and France.

As the great niece of the late King Henry VIII of England, she has a claim to the English throne, which is a thorn in the side of many Englishmen. England is anxious to bring Scotland back under the rule of the English crown.

Mary's best friends are Greer Castleroy, Lola, Kenna, and Aylee. All four young women accompany Mary to France as ladies-in-waiting.

SEASON 2 Mary is raped. Things haven't been going so well between her and Francis for a long time. And then there comes the handsome Louis Conde, a cousin of Francis, and wraps Mary around her finger. Francis continues to do whatever is not always good for his beloved. In addition, he becomes very sick and is close to death. When Francis weakens, Conde takes the chance and wants to reach for the French crown with the help of English allies. There Mary has to choose either Conde or Francis. It ends excitingly.

Character [edit | Edit source]

Mary's character changes over the course of the series.

At first she is innocent and good-natured. She is very friendly and extremely helpful. Every human life has a meaning for them. She doesn't like to take advantage of her higher position as queen to get what she wants. Her naivety, which was never a problem in the monastery, turns out to be a dangerous quality at the French court, which is why she drops it in the course of the series. With her life at court, she learns that as a regent you have to make sacrifices from time to time to protect your kingdom. It is difficult for her to put her duties as Queen of Scotland above her private relationship with Francis, but she does it for her country.

Previous life Edit source]

Mary Stuart was crowned Queen of Scotland just a few days after she was born. At the age of six, she was betrothed to the French heir to the throne, Francis, in order to forge an alliance between Scotland and France, which was threatened by England. She and her future husband were good playmates when they were children. When the threat from the English grew too great, Mary was taken to a Scottish monastery.

Season 1 Edit source]

At the beginning of the first season, Mary is still in the Scottish monastery. She lives there in very simple circumstances and is happy until an assassination attempt on her can only barely be prevented. To protect her, she is brought to the French court, where she is supposed to marry Francis, the heir to the throne, as soon as possible

But when she arrives, she realizes that a lot has changed since she was a child. At court, Mary not only struggles with the political changes but also with the sexual, scheming power games. In addition, she has to grapple with the burgeoning feelings for Francis and his brother Sebastian (Bash). Mary's ladies-in-waiting Lola, Kenna, Greer and Aylee also have to sort out their problems with love and men. Meanwhile, Francis 'mother, Catherine de' Medici, tries to prevent her son's upcoming marriage, as her adviser Nostradamus had a vision that the marriage between Francis and Mary would lead to his son's death.