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Web scraping is an effective way to gather information from the Internet. The web harvesting software accesses the World Wide Web using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol, collects data from various locations and converts it into a readable and scalable form. Bots play an important role in data collection and extraction. They help store scraped content in a central database for offline use.

Web pages are created using various programming languages ​​such as HTML and XHTML. Because of this, companies have developed various web scraping systems, relying on DOM parsing, computer vision, and natural language processing to simulate human behavior. Data scraping is viewed as ad hoc and inelegant, but it's useful for businesses, programmers, non-programmers, webmasters, journalists, digital marketers, and freelance writers.

A web scraper is an API that helps extract information from different locations. Companies like Google and Amazon offer various web scraping services and tools. The latest forms of web scraping are data feeds, RSS feeds, Twitter feeds, and ATOM feeds. JSON and CSV are used as a transport storage mechanism between the web server and client. Octoparse,, Kimono Labs, and ParseHub are the most popular web scraping tools. They come in both free and paid versions and can do a number of tasks for you. Once downloaded and installed, these tools can scrape hundreds of web pages in an hour.

Top 10 Python Libraries for Web Scraping:

Python is a high-level programming language. It has a dynamic system and automatic memory management. Python supports various programming paradigms such as object-oriented, functional, procedural and imperative. It has a large number of standard libraries, but the most famous Python libraries are described below.

1. Inquiries

Inquiries is a Python HTTP library that focuses on how different websites interact. It can manage cookies, track logged-in sessions and manage pages that are not accessible or take a long time. It is licensed by the Apache2 license and the goal of Requests is to send HTTP requests in a friendly and comprehensive manner.

2. Scrapy

Scrapy is web scraping software that can be used to extract useful information from various websites.

3. SQLAlchemy

SQLAlchemy is a database library useful for programmers and web developers.

4. BeautifulSoup

This HTML and XML parsing library is useful for freelancers and webmasters.

5. Lxml

It is a tool for working with XML and HTML documents. It helps to evaluate XPath and CSS selectors and to find suitable elements on the Internet.

6. Pygams

This Python library helps with completing 2D game development tasks.

7. Pyglet

It is a powerful 3D animation and game development engine known for its user-friendly interface.

8. Nltk (Natural Language Toolkit)

It helps manipulate different strings and can do multiple tasks at the same time.

9. nose

Nose is a testing framework for Python that is used by hundreds of programmers around the world.

10. SymPy

SymPy allows you to perform multiple tasks and evaluate the quality of your web content.