Why don't teachers get enough respect

World Teachers Day! More and more work, less and less respect: associations finally demand appreciation for teachers

BERLIN. On the occasion of World Teachers 'Day on October 5th today, teachers' associations have called for more appreciation for teachers - because it is eroding. The Association of Lower Saxony Teachers VNL / VDR pointed out that, according to the State Criminal Police Office, violence against teachers in Lower Saxony has increased by a good 40 percent. “Such a report is alarming and unfortunately not limited to the teaching profession. Other professional groups who work for society, such as police officers and paramedics, do not get the social recognition they deserve due to violence during duty. Here we not only expect more support from politics and society, but above all more respectful cooperation, ”emphasized chairman Torsten Neumann.

Due to the social changes, all teachers performed extensive socio-political tasks in addition to their actual profession, teaching. According to VNL / VDR, these consist in everyday life of a combination of social and family work, crisis management, psychology and therapy and teaching. “There is a need for noticeable relief, such as more assistant staff at all schools. These include, for example, social workers and social pedagogues as well as multi-professional teams for the implementation of inclusion. Bureaucratic tasks such as the creation of documentation and concepts of all kinds must also be further reduced ”, explained Chairman Neumann. "Only in this way can teachers experience sustainable support in their educational work and thus be relieved."

For him it is no wonder that fewer and fewer young people want to take up the teaching profession. “We in Lower Saxony have been experiencing for years that not all of the advertised teaching positions can be filled. This is undoubtedly not only due to the lack of attractiveness, but also to the low appreciation of the teaching profession in society, ”emphasized Neumann. “All teachers appreciate every praise and recognition of their work, but they also need the best framework conditions that support their responsible work. A key to the success of a good school is the appreciation of the teaching profession by politics and society. This can also prevent violence against teachers. This does not only apply to World Teachers' Day. "

Meidinger: School is also the central place for civic education

The President of the German Teachers' Association, Heinz-Peter Meidinger, took the same line. He reminded that the demands on the teaching profession had increased enormously in the last few decades in view of the growing heterogeneity of the student body, integration problems, inclusion and digitization. The chairman of the association emphasized: “Good education is still the greatest opportunity for children and young people to start successfully in this society and later, as responsible citizens, to help shape their lives and the future of society in a responsible manner. In addition, in times of increasing polarization and individualization of society, school is a very important, if not the last place where consensus building, reflection on common cultural values ​​and civic education is still possible. "

According to Meidinger, our teachers need significantly more support from society and politics than before to carry out their tasks. "Anyone who allows temporary teachers to be dismissed regularly during the holidays, who does not actively support schools and teachers in the face of increasing incidents of violence and increasing cyberbullying, and who allows the workload of teachers to increase constantly, shouldn't be surprised if this in itself Such a fulfilling and important profession is sought by fewer and fewer young people. That has to change urgently! ", Said the teacher association president - and referred to a quote by the philosopher and psychiatrist Karl Jaspers:" The fate of a society is determined by how it respects its teachers. "

VBE: "Young teachers are important to develop schools"

The VBE also warned politicians with a view to “World Teachers' Day” to make the profession more attractive. “For this, on the one hand, appropriate conditions for success must be created, on the other hand, politicians must express their appreciation for the work of the teachers. This is the only way we can win over more young people to decide on this socially important task and thus fight the dramatic shortage of teachers in schools, ”said the Baden-Württemberg VBE state chairman Gerhard Brand.

“Young teachers are important in order to develop schools with their ideas and skills. You need the support of experienced teachers when you start your career. The framework conditions for collegial advice and cooperation must therefore be improved. In order for more well-trained young teachers to come to schools, drop-outs must be avoided at all costs, ”Brand continues. The VBE regional head also criticizes the fact that there are still high differences in pay between the various types of school: “You need the same pay for work of equal value. We demand that all teachers are paid according to A13. In order to create the necessary prerequisites for this, it is also important to introduce the ten-semester course for colleagues at the primary schools. " Educational Journalism Agency

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GEW and VBE jointly call for World Teachers' Day: Make the teaching profession more attractive - “A13 for everyone”!