Are shopping malls still relevant

corona: Rush to shopping malls after lockdown announcement

The tough lockdown, which is imminent from next week, led to a high level of traffic in shopping centers in western Austria on Saturday. For example, Vorarlberg's largest shopping center - the Messepark in Dornbirn - was extremely well attended from the start, in Innsbruck's DEZ the morning started "lively" - a further increase was expected. The DEZ was already "full" on Friday.

As a local inspection in the fair park showed, the streams of visitors pushed their way through the aisles, the shopping trolleys in the grocery store were full. However, the visitors to the exhibition park were not aiming for special goods - keyword: toilet paper. The fact that some shops offered high discounts may also have contributed to the very high frequency.

In the morning of December at 11.00, there was "not all hell going on", but the shopping activity was described as "busy" at the request of APA. Significantly more people would come in the late morning and afternoon. Friday had already turned out to be a very busy shopping day. "People get stressed because they don't know what to expect," it said. So many would still use the opportunity to shop - some also with a view to Christmas.

Quarantine and new infections

The Lower Austrian state medical staff recorded 27,235 people in quarantine at home on Saturday. That's a decrease from the record Friday when 30,277 were registered. According to information from the office of State Health Councilor Ulrike Königsberger-Ludwig (SPÖ), 1,026 new coronavirus infections were counted within 24 hours.

In Tyrol, the number of people actively infected with the corona virus has increased by 172 people since Friday evening. According to the country's dashboard, 342 new infections were reported, but 167 recoveries were also reported. The number of infected people as of Saturday lunchtime was 7,877 people. In addition, three other deaths related to Covid-19 were reported. The number of intensive care patients grew by seven to 58 cases.

Since the outbreak of the corona pandemic, 186 people have died from or with the virus in Tyrol. On Saturday there were 339 sick people in hospital treatment, four fewer than the day before. 70 of the 281 corona patients in the normal wards were cared for in Innsbruck. (apa)