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HistoryHumor, Love Story / P16 / MaleSlash
Alois Trancy Ciel Phantomhive
Claude is defeated, the Trancy family's estate is in ruins and young Earl Phantomhive and his butler are right in the middle. Too bad that Alois survived the whole chaos, because so the task of looking after the young Trancy somehow remains with Ciel. Reluctantly he takes it with him, which turns out to be a SMALL mistake a little later ... (AloisxCiel, Shonen Ai, Ciel a bit Ooc)
HistoryHumor, love story / P16 / Gen
Charles GreyFinnianGrell SutcliffeRonald KnoxUndertakerWilliam T. Spears
WWW. No, neither the World Wide Web nor Wonderful Wonder World. What happened if. Yes that is the question. Yes, what if 3 to 1 strips? Do you want to have a say? Then read this story! Attention: Due to the random drawing of the numbers, some BLs were also created. Which means that in the decision-making scenes (kisses and lemons) we are more likely to communicate with each other, as Nee crawls into one of the farthest corners and turns red. Yes, the good one doesn't like Boys Love or Lemons.
HistoryDrama, Love Story / P16 / MaleSlash
Ciel PhantomhiveMadam RedSebastian MichaelisTanaka
Playing in the 21st century: Ciel (16) lost his beloved mother to a stroke at the age of 9. He only had his father. But he was too busy with his work in the Funtom Company to take care of him. Which is why Ciel became depressed, sometimes aggressive, and began to skip school. Alcohol and cigarettes were on his daily schedule. When the Phantomhives estate was inexplicably burned one night, his father passed away. Could it sink any lower? Depression, no place to stay, no friends .. But then came Sebastian Michaelis (26) and the story that connects the two. (Ciel x Sebastian)
HistoryHumor, Mystery / P12 / Gen
Ciel PhantomhiveGrell SutcliffeMadam RedSebastian Michaelis
Find out which mysterious figure hangs around the Phantomhives estate at night. The young earl has strange nightmares in which a woman's voice calls out to him and wants to take revenge on him. Will Sebastian find the figure or does he endanger himself and others? This and much more awaits you in this exciting Ff.
HistoryHumor, love story / P16 / Gen
MeirinSebastian Michaelis
Sebastian is stressed. An important guest will soon arrive. In addition, the clumsy housemaid Meirin drops the good tea set from the Phantomhives and puts almost the entire property underwater. But something is wrong with Sebastian, boy Earl Phantomhive's butler. Has the otherwise cold butler developed any feelings for Meirin? An exciting and romantic story about a Sebastian who is otherwise unknown ...
SongficFriendship / P12 / MaleSlash
BeastCiel PhantomhiveSebastian MichaelisWilliam T. Spears
A nocturnal incident in London. A young woman wanders the streets. Presumably she has a goal. A man is also wandering the streets. Does he have a goal too? Driven by their hidden desires and their passion, they run past each other. And realize that the pitch black night doesn't appear as colorless as it does at first glance. // Beast, Dagger, William, Sebastian and Ciel //
HistoryDrama, Love Story / P18 / MaleSlash
Alois Trancy Ciel Phantomhive
For Alois it should be the beginning of a new life. After three years of isolation, young Trancy was about to return to his place in London society. But it shouldn't be that easy, as he was able to find out. Because the Phantomhive heir diligently interfered in its return. Supported by his maid Hannah and an unexpected ally, Alois confronts his "enemy", who turns out to be something different than previously thought.
StoryThriller, Love Story / P18-AVL / MaleSlash
Ciel PhantomhiveSebastian Michaelis
,,It is cold. So cold. Why is it so cold ??? It's never been so cold ... Where are his eyes ?! I can't see her anymore. I only see red. As red as blood, blood. That, that is BLOOD !!!!! ''. Shouted the Earl lying in the snow. His butler, dressed in mourning, stood before him. He looked in angry. His eyes were so black all of a sudden. Deep black, so black he never knew it.
HistoryGeneral / P12 / MaleSlash
FinnianSebastian Michaelis
What is whom Sebastian, Ciel's soul does not devour but simply disappears. What will happen when Ciel, his servants and his fiancée meet Sebastian in a completely strange place? What happens when long repressed feelings (unrecognized) are returned and who is this figure who brought you to Sebastian? FinnyxSebastian Finnian is a girl in my story. Ciel and Lizzy are 17 years old and not yet married. (I am relatively bad at writing a short description and hope you read it anyway)
HistoryFantasy / P16 / Gen
Grell SutcliffeRonald KnoxWilliam T. Spears
It's not easy as a daughter of a Shinigami. Especially when you are constantly compared to your oh-so-perfect sister and office work really passes you by elsewhere. But thank God, there are Shinigami that sweeten the boring days. Just what happens when everything is exposed? And what happens if the sisters are suddenly transferred and have to collect souls? Well, what do you think: Everything is getting out of hand!
HistoryDrama, Love Story / P16 / MaleSlash
Alois TrancyCiel PhantomhiveClaude FaustusGrell SutcliffeJokerSebastian Michaelis
Lilly Diamond, a 10th grade student, is an otaku and crazy about anime. Her family is well known in the fashion industry as her mother is a famous designer. She lives in a fairly large house with her mother and grandparents. Everything seems perfect, but ten years ago her father and uncle were murdered by strangers and their company was completely wiped out, the two of them were successful managers of a tobacco production company. Lilly still misses them both very much and only wants one thing: revenge! She wants to find the murderers and bring them down. She had had this thought for years but knew that she would never make it on her own. One evening she lies awake in her bed, wishing, as always, that Sebastian would show up. Suddenly she hears an unfamiliar voice and a crow is sitting on the windowsill ... Your favorite anime becomes a reality. Sebastian and Co. in a different time
HistoryDrama, love story / P12 / Gen
Ciel PhantomhiveSebastian MichaelisUndertaker
It's about Naminé Roas. Her parents died in a fire two years ago. It was a devil's fault but she didn't know why he had left her alive. She had no one and only found refuge with a friend of her mother's. But she still had a sheaf, but she didn't know why. Was she really human? She gave herself 2 goals. She wanted to find out who she was and wanted to kill every being that wasn't human.
Enumeration / ListGeneral / P12 / Gen
I thought about translating a few facts about Claude Faustus into German, the best way to annoy him! : D The original facts in English are from OppaFaustusStyle on Deviantart. You can find the link in the 1st chapter. I really wanted to do a translation of these facts (for people who might not understand English) and got permission from the actual author :) Hope you like them! If you have any suggestions, feel free to send them to me by message. : 33 Your names will be written under the facts you sent me! :) Have fun with the facts! xDD
StoryLove Story / P18 / MaleSlash
Ciel PhantomhiveGrell SutcliffeSebastian Michaelis
On his birthday, Ciel plans to reveal his secret ... But to whom? And what's the matter with Grell? We all thought that he likes Sebastian, this is not the case here ... (Attention Yaoi: Ciel x Sebastian)
HistoryDrama, Fantasy / P16 / Gen
Here is a little fairy tale that I once had to write as homework in 7th grade. I reworked it and Joa: D By the way, the allusions were all really so XD
History supernatural, love story / P16 / Gen
Second FF from me, first-person perspective, reader insert, with OC x OC Yaoi secondary pairing. You live in a completely normal village, you have no family but yourself and Undertaker, a powerful demon, is sealed in a shrine nearby. The oddities pile up and suddenly you find yourself on the run from him. And what the hell has your late grandmother got to do with this whole thing ?!
HistoryDrama, Fantasy / P16 / Gen
Grell SutcliffeSebastian Michaelis
It starts with an inconspicuous life. But doubts and the world's hatred weigh heavily on Gaail's shoulders. Until she kills herself. And thus ends up in a world full of curiosities. Now she is supposed to be a shinigami. And if that weren't enough, she's trapped in a boy's body. Now she should learn what a shinigami is used to doing. And who is not more perfect than Grell Sutcliff? A clumsy, lively redhead who is constantly marching through the world with a chainsaw.
StoryLove Story / P18 / MaleSlash
Ciel PhantomhiveSebastian Michaelis
'Do I love him?' Unaware of his feelings about his handsome butler, Ciel Phantomhive is showing increasing signs that he is in love with him. Will he realize his feelings and if so, will he manage to confess them? And what will his butler say about it? (Pairing: Sebastian x Ciel [Yaoi])
StoryHorror, Love Story / P18 / MaleSlash
Ciel PhantomhiveSebastian Michaelis
London. 09/03/2032. Adrian Phantomhive lives with his father Vincent and his brother Ruben in an average residential area. Apparently he's a pretty normal man if you ignore his external abnormalities. His life couldn't be better. He has a lovely girlfriend and is catching up with his degree. But one night his past catches up with him .. In fact, his past life. Life as a Ciel Phantomhive. // Gore, horror, romance, YAOI WARNING. Ciel x Sebastian. //
HistoryDrama, love story / P18 / Gen
Ciel PhantomhiveGrell SutcliffeJokerRonald KnoxSebastian MichaelisWilliam T. Spears
Experience the ups and downs of a female Shinigami and an assignment that ultimately turned her life into a lot of chaos. How can her brother help her and can he even do something about the chaos in her head when she comes back from her long mission? // ??? x OC
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