Why do bare feet look good?

To run barefootLiberated your Feet!

There are more - and they cannot be stopped: bare feet. That's a good thing, because going barefoot is healthy, say sports medicine professionals. For children and adults.

In a comparative study in Germany and South Africa, researchers examined and measured the feet of a total of 1,015 children and adolescents between the ages of six and 18 in both countries.

Result: Shoe children are more prone to flat feet.

  • For many of the South African students, regardless of social status, it is normal to walk barefoot
  • They were also able to jump three centimeters from standing
  • They made fewer mistakes when balancing on a thin beam

Walking barefoot is good for adults too

You don't actually need slippers in the apartment, says orthopedist Christoph Lukas from Bietigheim-Bissingen. Because walking barefoot strengthens the muscles. However, most of us are no longer used to walking barefoot - so we first have to build up the muscles again. Not every surface is recommended for this, says Christoph Lukas.

"Long stretches on asphalt overwhelm the foot muscles, especially if you haven't been trained."
Christoph Lukas, orthopedist

The researchers in the children's foot study advise, for example, to simply take off your shoes in the garden or in the sand of the playground.

Quite a few people find going barefoot rather uncomfortable because it hurts them and they prick themselves. But you get used to it, says Christoph Lukas.

"Pebbles, roots or small bumps - that is a question of the cornea that forms with the load."
Christoph Lukas, orthopedist

The cornea protects - the only question is how aesthetic you find it. In addition to the cornea, it also plays a role whether you are a heel runner or a metatarsal or forefoot runner.

  • In the case of metatarsal or forefoot runners, the impact is cushioned more gently
  • Heel runners have a harder time: There is only a small fat pad on the heel and then directly on the bones - muscles that can cushion are missing

Barefoot shoes take practice

To feel like walking or jogging barefoot is the self-proclaimed job of so-called barefoot shoes. The main feature is its thin and flexible sole without a footbed. Christoph Lukas likes to wear them himself, even when working.

"Barefoot shoes are not something you should start with from zero to 100. You have to get used to them slowly, otherwise there will be overload reactions."
Christoph Lukas, orthopedist

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