Why doesn't my cat eat peas?

My cats ate tuna, peas and shallots>. <

Hi Guys,

something very stupid happened to me.
I had made a side dish of pasta with tuna (from the can), peas (from the can) and a freshly cut and seared shallot in a saucepan. It was seasoned with black pepper and salt. There was still a not so small residue left in the pot.
I closed the kitchen door especially because they had tried to open the pot during the day. In retrospect, it was really stupid of me not to just keep that food safe.
When I got up in the morning, the door was open (probably my roommate), the lid was no longer on the pot and the pot was completely sparkling clean. (The noodles were spared)
Spicy food is not good in itself, but now I've read that virtually all of the ingredients in this food are supposed to be bad for cats. Tuna can only be eaten in small quantities, peas are bad and onions (and shallots too) are poisonous.
My cats are not showing any signs. You haven't vomited and your poop is solid. You are completely normal, lively and still have requested (and received) your breakfast.
I will definitely continue to watch her. The binge should have been a couple of hours ago. How long do you think I shouldn't let you out to watch?
Would you go to the vet even though they didn't have anything?