Who designed hipsters

We are healsters instead of hipsters

Unicorns, chakras and crystals - what was once decried as esoteric is now part of the “holistic lifestyle” of a new type of “healthy hipster”. Does the new spirit make the tightly timed modern life more bearable?

It used to be called esotericism. Today we speak of the “holistic lifestyle”, in German: holistic lifestyle. That sounds less like a world that smells penetratingly of patchouli, but more like an exclusive perfume, designed in a hip factory in Brooklyn or Berlin-Mitte.

Shapely singing bowls, an incense mixture, a vegan cookbook and healing stones belong in the household of every modern person today with a pronounced awareness of body and mind. City dwellers in particular pay attention to good nutrition, health, exercise and want to do something good for themselves. Today the websites of Indian meditation centers look like the elegant listings on Airbnb. And beautiful incense sticks, crystal balls and unicorn items have long been available in every cool e-shop. Healing at the click of a mouse, so to speak.

Meditate and chant

Because world religions no longer provide all the answers, people increasingly turn to other forms of spirituality in difficult times. While you have to confess to a religion, you can put together your personal salvation cocktail in the trends that are just becoming popular again like in a trendy bar - this corresponds to the spirit of the times. While some take part in a cleansing ayahuasca ceremony, others go to the desert to breathe, attend meditation circles or chanting seminars.

A few years ago, materialistic values ​​were still important. But in recent years a rethink has happened: Instead of a condominium, a swanky car and designer clothes, the focus has shifted to one's own well-being. Self-healing as a status symbol. There is of course a new expression for the phenomenon: "Wellth", a Portmanteau word from "Wellness" and "Health". The proximity to the term “wealth” is also striking - it is obviously supposed to be a new form of wealth. For Jason Wachob, who is behind the word creation, Wellth is the “modern currency for your own life account”.

The American speculated on the stock market in a previous life, made a lot of money and turned to other values ​​after a collapse. Today Jason Wachob preaches his teaching on his Mindbodygreen portal. Our six encounters with practitioners of this holistic lifestyle show how differently the new values ​​can be lived. We call them “Healster” (healthy hipster) - the word devised by the lifestyle magazine “Iconist” (Welt.de) shows where the hipster striving for meaning is currently developing.

Gabriela Müller, 41, meditation teacher and mindfulness trainer

«For me, spirituality means living in the now. Not to look back and not to look forward, but to be in the moment with great awareness. I listen to my heart, trust my intuition and in life itself. I came on this path during a relationship crisis with my husband and the father of my two children. At the time he said to me: 'Go out, take your time, find out who you are and what you want.' There was a thorough internal cleanup - for both of us.

Looking back, I'm not talking about our 'crisis', but rather about our 'opportunity time'. What I realized: love is space. This space that he gave me - and still gives - as well as a joint tantra seminar brought us back together and strengthened us as a couple. Today I know where I belong, but I am still open to meeting other people. Life has sent me a lot of good people. And experiences. Like the Ayahuasca ritual, in which you take herbal medicine, which makes you throw up everything and cleanses on all levels. Experiences like this have taught me to give up control. My life has gotten richer since I stopped trying to control everything.

Since then I have seen the body more as a vehicle that carries me through life. Many of my friends are more consistent than me when it comes to a vegan diet or closeness to nature. I consciously live in the city to “keep the light up”, as I often say. I invite men and women to meditate with me every week, and when I feel like it, I meet for a drink or go dancing until the early hours of the morning. I like to browse through Brockis, always looking for colorful, floor-length dresses. If I surround myself with rose quartz and rock crystals or smoke out our apartment with white sage after a visit, then I do it because it makes me feel good. I proceed more intuitively than scientifically. The herbalists from earlier had no diplomas and certificates and were still good at their job. "

Alexandra Kruse, 38, stylist, astro-author, unicorn oracle

“I used to party in Berlin, had stories from around the world and then came to Zurich, where for the first time in my life I had a regular income and something like fixed structures - but still parties, shopping and a lot of alcohol. Then I met mine partner in crime, David, got pregnant quickly and step by step stepped out of the drama.

David and I practically healed each other, with a lot of conversation and fighting. I've always had a penchant for spirituality, gathered angels and tarot cards around me. David made me focus more on that. With the birth of our son Kosmo, the unicorns came into my life. Since I bought a plush copy shortly before the pregnancy test, I have come across them again and again. That was way before the hype about the mythical creatures. For me, unicorns represent light-heartedness and revolution. For me they are symbols of being different. That suits me and my little family.

With our way of going through life - he as a yoga teacher and DJ, I as a stylist and oracle reader - we keep falling out of the ordinary. I don't care. It's about being at the start with yourself. And I know that there are more and more of us in the world. Because the state of our planet is more difficult than ever before. Questions are asked that go beyond the third dimension.

My motto is 'Spread the Love'. I try to give people positive input in difficult life situations, be it with readings or personal WhatsApp consultations. And I'm looking for beauty in life, whether it's a luxury hotel, a handbag or an old tree in the city park that I hug regularly. I don't see any contradiction in this. I also pass this lifestyle on to my five-year-old when I bring him presents for the dwarfs in the forest or smoke out the apartment. 'Mama, it was the angels', says Kosmo again and again with a firm conviction ”.

Dan Gasser, 42, ex-club owner, nomad, entrepreneur

“I lost my wife in a car accident eleven years ago. Two months after our wedding, during our honeymoon. I wanted to see the world with this woman, to start a family. Her death changed everything. It's the worst that has ever happened to me. In order to cope with the pain and find my way back to myself, I broke up my tent in Zurich and went traveling. Through South America, Australia, Europe and Asia. I've tried a lot, including meditation, yoga, and tantra.

In the beginning it happened that I filled the pain with alcohol. Maybe a habit from the old days. At the age of 23 I successfully built and managed a club in Zurich. At the beginning it went great. I enjoyed bringing people together, giving them a good time. When I met my wife, my passion for nightlife was lost. It didn't make sense to me anymore. That's why I sold my shares before the wedding. After my wife died, I helped open two more clubs in Zurich and then also sold my shares. But then it was only a matter of financing my trips.

Today I'm traveling as a nomad, moving from one Airbnb loft to the next. In Los Angeles two years ago - after my healing odyssey - I finally found a therapy that made me whole again. The short version of “Primal Therapy” is about feeling suppressed feelings and unfulfilled needs from our past - even from childhood - and integrating them in such a way that they no longer subconsciously determine us. This intensive work with myself has positively changed my life in many areas. I have become much more open and can consciously express my feelings. Today I don't need much to be happy: family and friends. Exercise, walks with my dog, a ride on my Harley, now and then a juice regimen or an inspiring book. "

Maryam Klingele, 36, mental health nurse

“Two and a half years ago, I met my clearest mirror with Cem. We faced each other with our shadows. This means everything that does not arise from love but from fear. In a person's life, unconscious injuries happen again and again, or there are repressed experiences.

Cem and I lit exactly these shadows, as we call them, together and let them go bit by bit. It was intense work, we went through ups and downs together. Through conversations, sound healing through the chanting of mantras, fire circles or meditation - always aware of what it is about. The goal has always been to get to our hearts, to recognize and realize our true potential. Anyone can live this love. Honor mother nature and appreciate what we have been given here. We have reached a point where a lot of things are no longer running smoothly in the world. More and more people are realizing that we are walking in a dangerous direction and want to get out of existing systems in some way. We must finally realize that we are essentially peaceful beings. "

Cem Pinarci, 25, ex-professional footballer

“Until I was twenty, I didn't do anything other than enjoy playing football. I was also good at it, and was on the GC youth team and the national team. My dream was to become a professional. At some point I realized that this dream was nothing more than driven by the ego. And ultimately from the fear of failure. In football it's all about who scores the most goals.

The fun of the game was lost and at some point I decided to quit. I then moved into my first apartment in Zurich, tried my hand at being a bartender and traveled a lot. In the city I met new people, brothers and sisters who still accompany and support me today. After my first trip through Europe I was able to meet my counterpart Maryam. A great gift.

Together we could follow the voices of our hearts and turn everything negative into love. We were given many beautiful encounters and connections. That was also the time when I discovered the fire for myself, through which I could connect with mother earth - and through which I finally came to my true self, my loving consciousness. For example through rituals like fire meditation, where I can immerse myself in my spiritual world.

I prefer to do that in the forest. Maryam and I were recently fortunate enough to be able to live in a community in Ticino for a while. There we set up a room in the middle of the forest, sat by the fire with our brothers and sisters, cooked, told each other stories and made music together. That was very nice and healing. But I also like to be with my siblings in the city, where I always consciously sit down by a tree. "

Reni Bickel, 32, yoga teacher, surfer, therapist

“The stones come to you, they say. It was the same with me. Two years ago I got my passion for healing crystals, Gemstones, discovered. Today I use rose quartz, moonstone and malachite in my therapy sessions with patients. For example, to align the chakras. This works well because these stones carry and pass on the natural vibration of the earth through their crystallization.

I've always been a nature-loving person and a fan of exercise. That's why I also studied sports science. On one of my surf trips in Indonesia, I met my husband, a native of Peru, and moved with him to Lima seven years ago. There I opened one of the first yoga studios in the country together with a Peruvian woman. Yoga opened the door to the world of spirituality for me. I am fascinated by using different techniques to perceive my own thoughts and feelings differently.

In so-called sound healings, i.e. vibrations with sound, breathing techniques or healing stones, I have found related tools to break through the physical level and to get to the origins of our emotions and thought patterns. Your own healing powers are activated and the energetic system is balanced.

As a therapist, light is an important issue for me. To bring it to the blind spots in our consciousness, stones are good because they absorb light differently. I am now delving deeper into their effects. Meanwhile, I live in New York with my husband, but I'm back increasingly in my home country for various seminars. Recently, and especially among the Swiss, I have observed a great deal of interest in esotericism, in the oldest teachings in the world. "