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Current start-up dates

The opening took place with many friends and acquaintances, host families and hosts of the language excursions on September 1st, 2008. “My family had already planned a stay, but we only had a few real bookings. And it should stay that way for weeks ”, Johannes Kraus analyzes the first time. He had the fresh corporate design, business stationery, an extensive five-language website and initial marketing documents drawn up by an agency from Cape Town. Of course, the financial outlay was many times less than what he would have had to pay for it in Europe.

“Our main target group are people over the age of 18 who want to improve their English skills comprehensively and who have recognized the value of intercultural competence for their careers and lives. We want to set ourselves apart from school language trips through challenging topics with a social background - many of our guests are therefore significantly older. "

Companies are also at the top of the list of desired customers, either as part of personnel development measures or expatriate programs in the event that they have their own locations in South Africa. Telephone contact with language agencies in Europe and South America and a “European tour” by the founder - visiting interested agencies - were the first steps. "The agencies have permanent partners, and it just takes time to build trust," said Johannes Kraus' team.